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Use of Smartphone for Opening a Garage Door

Your brother-in-law proudly showed you that he could open and close his garage door with his smart phone. He does not need his remote anymore! You would like to be able to do like him and you are now wondering how to proceed. Here is a guide that will enlighten you on the subject. Also i learned a lot about torsion garage door springs by visiting this blog post. You may visit here as well to learn more about torsion garage door. Anyhow, lets check below and learn how to open garage door through smartphone.

A feature available on recent door openers only

Not all brands and models of garage door openers offer this option. Here are the most common brands on the market: LiftMaster, Chamberlain and Craftsman. If your opener is not one of these three brands, refer to this text to see if yours is compatible.

The color of the “Learn” button

You can also make sure your opener is compatible with a smartphone by checking the color of the “Learn ” button. It will be either “square and yellow”, “square and mauve” or “round and yellow”.

Remove the plastic cap protecting the light bulb and locate:

  • An ” orange ” button on door openers manufactured between 1996 and 2005 and equipped with the ” Security + ” system;
  • A ” purple ” button on door openers manufactured between 2006 and 2014 and equipped with the ” Security + ” system;
  • A ” yellow ” button on door openers manufactured after 2012 and equipped with the ” Security + 2.0 ” system;
  • A “yellow” button on door openers manufactured after 2017 and equipped with a ” Security + 2.0 ” system. And a Wi-Fi system (the logo is visible on the chassis of the engine).

Note that the dates listed above are approximate. Depending on the model of the opener, there may be a difference of a few months and the years may overlap.

The year of manufacture is important

First of all, you have to know that 1998 is a year to remember. Why? Beginning this year, Chamberlain and its trademarks (LiftMaster and Craftsman) began offering the SECURITY + system.

To know the year your opener was made, look at the metal chassis of the engine. There should be ” Security + “or ” Security + 2.0 “. If it was manufactured after 2012, it will also carry the “MyQMC ” logo. In addition, the label on the engine indicates the model number of the opener and its date of manufacture.

How to proceed

Depending on the model you have, here’s how you can connect your garage door opener with the MyQ ™ app.

  1. For door openers marked ” Security + ” only:

You will need 2 accessories to connect your door opener to the ” MyQMC ” application : 1 wall control panel ( 888LM ) (offered as basic equipment with the 8500C model) and 1 Internet gateway ( 828LM ).

  1. For door openers marked “Security + 2.0 ” and ” MyQMC “:

Since August 2017 , the Chamberlain and LiftMaster door openers are equipped with ” MyQMC ” technology and an integrated Wi-Fi system. With this Wi-Fi system, it is possible to add devices (such as home lighting) and use the integrated home technology such as Apple HomeKit and Google Home .

For more information

Do not hesitate to meet us at our showroom. You can also use our design center or photo gallery to find the door style that’s right for you. Contact us at DIY-Garage-Door-Parts. Door openers and garage doors have no secrets for us! We can advise you and explain everything you want to know. You will be able to make the best choice no matter how complex your needs are. We also offer the online quote service.

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