Causes Of Iron Deficiency

What Does Iron Oval Mean?

Our today topic is causes of iron deficiency.We will talk about causes of iron deficiency.What are the causes of iron deficiency?Iron level elevation usually occurs due to two reasons: 1. To consume more than iron-rich foods 2. If the body absorbs more iron than the food taken Iron excess is called hemochromatosis in medical language. Continue reading

Low Creatinine Symptoms

Causes and Treatment of Low Creatine Insufficiency

Our today topic is low creatinine symptoms.We will talk about low creatinine symptoms and treatments of low creatinine.creatinine is a body fat produced by muscle metabolism. Thanks to the kidneys are thrown into the urine. Low creatinine may occur for many reasons.The human body consists of skeletal muscles in small and large groups. These muscles, Continue reading

folic acid excess

What Does Folate Acid Phosphate Mean?

Our today topic is folic acid excess.We will talk about folic acid excess.An excess of folic acid is a rare problem and generally does not pose a problem. What is Folic Acid? Folic acid (folate or vitamin B9) is one of the B group vitamins. It is the basic vitamin that the body can not Continue reading

iron deficiency in babies

Iron Deficiency In Babies

Our today topic is iron deficiency in babies.We will talk about iron deficiency in babies.What are the treatments of iron deficiency in babies.What are the causes of iron deficiency in babies?The iron deficiency anemia in infants can cause learning problems. Therefore, this problem should be taken seriously.Here we will tell you how you can stop Continue reading

Vitamin B12 Overdose Symptoms Mayo Clinic

What Does B12 Matter Mean?

Our today topic is vitamin b12 overdose symptoms mayo clinic.We will talk about vitamin b12 overdose symptoms mayo clinic.B12 Vitamin excess is not usually a major problem. Consuming too much vitamin B12 through foods and vitamin supplements does not make you sick in general.But high levels of vitamin B12 can rarely point to another serious Continue reading

What Causes Excessive Burping

What Causes Excessive Burping

Our today topic is what causes excessive burping?We will talk about what causes excessive burping?What do you think what causes excessive burping?Going to bed is a natural situation, and every person lives at a point. But continual belching is not normal and may indicate problems with the digestive system. Simple home treatments can help reduce Continue reading

water day

Water Day

Our today topic is on water day.We will talk about water day.A drop of water is flexible. A drop of water is powerful. Nothing is more necessary than a drop of water. Humanity needs water Water is at the heart of sustainable development. Water resources and the range of services they can provide contribute to poverty reduction, Continue reading

Pain In Lower Right Abdomen Female

Causes Pain in Lower Right Bone?

Our today topic is pain in lower right abdomen female.We will talk about pain in lower right abdomen female.What are the causes of pain in lower right abdomen female?Pain on the lower right side of the abdomen is one of the most important roles of the patients in the emergency department. There are many buildings Continue reading

Tea Tree Oil Side Effects

Tea Tree Oil Benefits and Side Effects

Our today topic is tea tree oil side effects and benefits of tea tree oil.Tea tree oil has been used for a long time due to its antimicrobial (antiseptic) and antibacterial properties. This method first started in Australia. Especially in Australia, for thousands of years Aborigines have used the tea tree oil to heal cuts Continue reading

How To Stop Sweating Underarms Home Remedies

How to Avoid Underarm Seat Disease

Our today topic is how to stop sweating underarms home remedies.We will talk about how to stop sweating underarms home remedies.We will share the best answer of how to stop sweating underarms home remedies.Prevention is always more important than treatment. If you are reading this article to understand how to prevent armpit collapse, there are Continue reading