Low Potassium Symptoms Dizziness

How to Understand Potassium Deficiency

How to know about low potassium symptoms dizziness?Your body needs constant potency to function properly for nerve and muscle cells (especially the heart). Low potassium can be dangerous and life-threatening. Knowing the symptoms of low potassium can provide you with immediate medical assistance in an unfavorable situation.

Low Potassium Symptoms Dizziness

Step 1
Make a note of your muscle cramps and muscle weaknesses. Muscles need a large amount of potash to contract. If you feel cramping in any part of your body, your potassium levels may not be at a healthy level. Muscle weakness is another sign of potassium deficiency. So if you feel more muscle weakness over a day, have the potassium level checked. Tingling and numbness can be other signs of low potassium

Step 2
Make a note of your bowel movements. Constipation is a common symptom of low potassium. You may be constipated if you are having trouble getting your exterminator out of your body, or if you do not need it for more than a day.

Step 3
Watch your heart movements. Abnormal heart rhythm is a sign of low potassium. So your potassium levels may not be at a healthy level if you feel irregular heartbeats. Palpitations are another sign of low potassium.

Step 4
If you have constant nausea complaints or if you have puked several times for no reason, your potassium level may be low. Nausea and vomiting can be an important clue to notice that the potassium level is too low.

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