Low Potassium Symptoms Dizziness

How to Understand Potassium Deficiency

Our today topic is low potassium symptoms dizziness.We will talk about low potassium symptoms dizziness.What are the main reasons of low potassium ?How to know about low potassium symptoms dizziness?Your body needs constant potency to function properly for nerve and muscle cells (especially the heart). Low Potassium Symptoms DizzinessLow potassium can be dangerous and life-threatening. Knowing the symptoms of low potassium can provide you with immediate medical assistance in an unfavorable situation.

Low Potassium Symptoms Dizziness

Step 1
Make a note of your muscle cramps and muscle weaknesses. Muscles need a large amount of potash to contract. If you feel cramping in any part of your body, your potassium levels may not be at a healthy level. Muscle weakness is another sign of potassium deficiency. So if you feel more muscle weakness over a day, have the potassium level checked. Tingling and numbness can be other signs of low potassium

Step 2
Make a note of your bowel movements. Constipation is a common symptom of low potassium. You may be constipated if you are having trouble getting your exterminator out of your body, or if you do not need it for more than a day.Low Potassium Symptoms Dizziness

Step 3
Watch your heart movements. Abnormal heart rhythm is a sign of low potassium. So your potassium levels may not be at a healthy level if you feel irregular heartbeats. Palpitations are another sign of low potassium.Low Potassium Symptoms Dizziness

Step 4
If you have constant nausea complaints or if you have puked several times for no reason, your potassium level may be low. Nausea and vomiting can be an important clue to notice that the potassium level is too low.

The lack of potassium: the symptoms and causes
A lack of potassium can lead to symptoms such as:

a strong feeling of tiredness ,
weakness and muscle cramps ,Low Potassium Symptoms Dizziness
a constipation ,Low Potassium Symptoms Dizziness
an apathy .
Potassium deficiency can have serious consequences in people with heart conditions that can cause heart rhythm disturbances .

Causes of hypokalemia
Food sources of potassium are numerous. Hypokalemia, or lack of potassium, is therefore rarely due to an insufficient intake of potassium in the diet, or to a major imbalance of the diet.

Situations that promote potassium loss are often of digestive or urinary origin.
Potassium deficiency can be caused by:

taking diuretic drugs often used to treat high blood pressure (which will cause a strong elimination of potassium in the urine), laxatives or corticosteroids ;
of vomiting and
of diarrhea in the long term repeated.
To monitor the level of potassium in the body, the doctor may prescribe a blood test . Normally, the result should be between 3.5 and 4.5 mmol / l or mEq / l.

Also, in case of lack of potassium caused by drugs, the doctor will have to take into account, possibly change of medication. Or suggest to the patient to promote the intake of certain foods rich in potassium , even to take a food supplement or a potassium-based medicine.Low Potassium Symptoms Dizziness

It is rather rare for a person who is careful to eat a balanced diet and who therefore consumes fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, suffers from hypokalemia.

To prevent the risk of a lack of potassium, here are 10 rules for a healthy and balanced diet :

1. A healthy and balanced diet is worth more than any diet: a variety of foods and adequate quantities are the basis. Low Potassium Symptoms Dizziness
2. Grain products such as bread (whole), pasta, rice and potatoes are the basis of a balanced diet. Avoid eating foods with too refined flour … which practically only bring sugars
3. Fruits and vegetables should also be part of your daily diet, whether you are on a diet or not.
4. Make sure you do not eat too much fat . Among the fats, prefer those which have a high level of unsaturated acids, such as certain vegetable fats (olives, rapeseed …).
5. Meat, fish and sausages , eggs and milk contain valuable nutrients. For example calcium in milk or iodine, selenium and omega-3 fatty acids in sea ​​fish . The National Cancer Institute recommends not to exceed 500 g of red meat a week.Low Potassium Symptoms Dizziness
6. Sugar and salt (maximum 6 g / day) are also to be consumed in moderation. Prefer herbs and spices to season your dishes!Low Potassium Symptoms Dizziness
7. Sufficient hydration is part of a healthy diet: drink at least 1.5 l per day, ideally water or infusions and herbal teas without sugar.
8. Do not neglect the method of preparation : prefer (if possible) cooking with steam and use little fat.
9. No stress: take your time to eat and enjoy! Eat more consciously, enjoy every bite … it’s part of a good diet and it’s more effective than any diet!Low Potassium Symptoms Dizziness
10. Who says balanced diet says physical activity : Ideally, you should exercise or exercise for 30 minutes, 3 times a week.


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