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Why it is Essential to have Professional Photographs of home

We invite today a professional photographer specializing in homes, hotels and guest rooms. We may also he is a great residential and real estate photographer.  The internet has been for some years now the essential tool for looking for a bed and breakfast, a cottage or a hotel. The improvement of telecommunication networks correlated with the evolution of research media (laptops, Smartphone’s, tablets …) now allow access anytime and anywhere to a series of results. And the first thing that users will see, whether it is on Online Travel Agencies such as Booking, sites of opinion such as Tripadvisor, directories or directly on your site, these are … Your photographs. Today is essential for the promotion of your guest house because even if you are very well referenced, it is certain that you lose a large number of customers that you have not been able to capture the quality of your photos. We recently hired a photography company “Rocky Mountain Aerials” managed and own by a “Jeff Perry” a professional photographer for residential and commercial real estate working in all over the Denver, Colorado USA.

Residential Real Estate Photography in Denver CO

Why Images are Fundamental?

If we take the example of a search on an Online Travel Agency such as Booking, the consultation of the photographs is done after the filter of the criteria of the location and the price of the bed and breakfast. The photo gallery completes the reservation process: The photos have a decision power; they can justify the price or decide between your guest houses among several selections. And this is especially true in the case where the budget is exceeded but the customer is looking to have fun…

The promotion of your guest house must also go through the press. Whether on paper or on the Internet, the article that will be written around the positive points of your guest house will necessarily contain illustrations. Sometimes magazines or webzines send their own photographer, guarantor of their editorial style, but in general you provide the photographic material. It is therefore not possible to send images whose visual impact would be low, while hundreds or even thousands of readers will potentially be able to view the article.

It is about the positive image that should emerge from the photos of your place and the emotional impact they will have on the clientele you are targeting. This is not because your place is clean and carefully landscaped that passable photographs will make the customer dream. Do not try to make misleading images, but photos that make you want to go further, click, book … Good photographs that have the rightness of your home is the beginning of the experience your host’s trip so he can discover the place.

Residential Real Estate Photos

Do your Own Photos or call a Professional Photographer?

Very relevant question … Why should I call a professional photographer to take pictures of my bed and breakfast when I can use my digital camera, make my own photos and save time and money? Yes, you can certainly make beautiful pictures for a birthday, a wedding or during your vacation but the issue here is not the same. As we pointed out, the photos of your guest house will be your best assets not only to capture but especially to turn your user into a customer. Without beautiful photos, without photos respecting a specific angle, without photos showing your beautiful objects, without photos displaying beautiful colors, your website will probably not show the same performance.

Even if you are an informed amateur in photography, investing in a report produced by a professional will give you many more returns. You know better than anyone your guest house and its secrets. However, a photographer whose reportage of guest houses or hotel is his job will be attentive to your expectations and that of your target customers. He will immerse himself and enhance your home while keeping close to your customers: It’s his job! Certainly, we touch something subjective, because a photographer author is an artist, so there will be many ways to appreciate spaces or lights. It seems uncontrollable, but it’s in the reflection of your artist’s choice and in discussing with him that you will get a good report.

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