You Attract Who You Are

5 Ways to Attract Your Partner Perfect for You

Our today topic is on you attract who you are.We will share the what is meant by the word you attract who you are?Have you heard this before that you attract who you are? We will share the 5 important ways to attract your partner for you.While we don’t have a lover, but when we want it to happen, it’s perfectly normal that we meet the right person and think we can’t. In fact, having a happy relationship is not very different from the path to another dream (a financial goal or a successful business). With a few techniques that I and other people use, you can attract the perfect partner for you.

1 See How You Want Others to See Yourself
Typically, how we feel about ourselves and how we show ourselves to the world are shaped by three things: “how do we see ourselves?You Attract Who You AreHow do we think others see us? how do others really see us? At this point, the important thing is who you really are and how you show yourself to the outside world. Do not allow others to influence your thoughts about yourself. If you don’t like yourself and don’t appreciate it enough, especially if the ideas of others are more important to you, external factors, criticisms, judgments will easily injure you and reduce your confidence. A low self-esteem will keep you away from being attractive.

2 Write Your Own Ads
Media is bombarding us with so-called perfect images. Muscle-like or smooth bodies like the ones made with Photoshop, flies in TV shows, infinite products and advertisements that will make us weaker, sexier, happier. When we listen to these messages from the media, we have our own idea, and instead of the idea of the media, an idea that is shaped by it. If you have good feelings about yourself, you will spread your confidence and be attractive. If you’ve just spent a few hours on a stupid show program with excellent bodies, your energy will be reduced and you won’t be attracted to a potential partner.

You Attract Who You Are

3 Stop Fighting with Solitude
We can spend a lot of time and energy trying to ward off the feeling of loneliness. Then the frustration of being stuck in this state is forming a structure in our minds.You Attract Who You Are An old record keeps playing the same songs. In their research, they have found that thoughts durum actually determine your mental state and energy. Negative thoughts will continue to take away your energy. So don’t be against loneliness itself, be alone for a satisfying relationship. Accept your current situation. You have a short time to start ahead ..

4 Imagine an image that will make you happy
The most successful people in the world owe their moments to find their way through the magical paths of the mind. Walk on your own, just close your eyes to a cafe for tea or in a quiet place every day. Imagine your perfect wife and perfect moment. Imagine holding your hand at sunset. The more detail, the better. Try to visit that scene every day. It’s not a fantasy, it’s something that will make your mind real after a while. Scientists have discovered that the brain of the brain is active as it actually is when doing something. When you imagine this picture you are with your partner, You Attract Who You Areyou will gradually turn into this person without realizing it.

5 Set Intent, Not Target
Intention is an orientation, but not a success. Another difference is that the intention is expressed as if it were. So your intention to attract the perfect lover to yourself can be as follows: Together we will travel the world en Your intention must be something you want for yourself, or not to manipulate someone’s energy towards you. Your energy should be personal and positive when creating an intention.You Attract Who You Are

I have a happy marriage of 30 years, so I know a few things about a successful relationship. To have something you desire so much, you first have to have a certain mental background. You need to reach mental maturity to achieve success. Second, you need to change the inflexible paths that you follow, and think about new ideas that require creativity and courage. And thirdly, you must be disciplined in your thoughts and actions and committed to turning your dream into a positive result.


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