World's Best French toast Recipe

World’s Best French Toast Recipe

World’s Best French Toast Recipe , is a loaf of bread flavored with egg and butter, among many other ingredients that we will loaf of bread very fluffy and very suitable to prepare this typical recipe for Easter. Although it is true that the world’s best french toast recipe can be prepared with a conventional bread, allowed to dry for a day or two, with this bread, we will still have a recipe of top french toast. Without further ado, let’s see how to prepare this special bread. simple breakfast recipes can make your life very easy you can follow that recipes and save your time and money too because these recipes are so cheap so that all can make their life wonder full and awsome

Ingredient For  World’s Best French Toast recipe:

For a preference: 50g of flour of strength + 50ml of milk + the tip of a yolk-dried yeast knife (dry) or 1g of fresh yeast

450 g of flour of strength

200ml of milk

1 egg

1 tablespoon ground cinnamon

1 tablespoon honey

1 teaspoon salt

6g of yeast baker’s yeast. O 20g fresh yeast

50 g of cold butter. At room temperature

World’s Best French Toast Recipe For Tows:

1.The night before, we prepared a preference. We put in a bowl 50 g of flour of strength, 50 ml of milk and the tip of a dry yeast knife. The 1 g of fresh yeast. We covered it and left it at night. This preference will give more aroma, flavor and will make our bread last a little longer.

2.The next day, we take on the preferment other ingredients except butter. Then we will see why. Milk, it is advisable to pour it out little by little, just do not pass with it since, not all marks of flour the same amount of liquid. Mix well the ingredients and when we left to dough a little dry, remove it from the bowl and knead for a couple of minutes.

3.Now, when we add the butter. We added it now because we had thrown it before, we would have prevented the gluten from developing, leaving to heavy and dense bread. And we cast it cold because if not the bread would be gummy. In confectionery, the butter is poured at room temperature or completely undone. In bakery it was cold always for this reason. We continue kneading for another 10 minutes. At first the dough seems very sticky but kneads and you will see that the flour is absorbing it and getting smoother (so also, before we wanted to dough a little dry

4.After this time, make a ball with it, put it in the same bowl where we made the mixture and cover with a damp cloth. Let it ferment until double size. Between 1 or 2 hours, depending on the temperature.

5.When you have doubled the size, we get the dough from bowl and break in two equal parts. With these quantities two bars come out. Brush the surface of the work a little and smear one of the pieces of flour. Then, out of the flour, we crushed it well to remove excess gas. If there would be a bread with a few holes in the crumb too big.

.6.We stick form. To do this, we give it “wafer shape”. Take one end of the mass, already crushed, and take it to the center of it. Seal well with fingers. We turn around and do the same with the other side. Once this is done, we roll the dough to itself, sealing with the fingers as we roll it over itself, so that it does not take off. Then, with our hands we turn it on the counter, to stretch and seal it well. Logically, do not make it any longer than the size of the oven plate.

7.Once the shape, we place it on baking paper on the same baking sheet. Shape the other bar and finally cover with a cloth and let it double again the size. Around another hour.

8.Finally, baking !. We put the special bread rolls for baked at 180 temperature , heat up and down. For about 15 minutes. Until she is golden…


World's Best French toast Recipe


World's Best French toast Recipe


World's Best French toast Recipe


World's Best French toast Recipe


World's Best French toast Recipe


World's Best French toast Recipe



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