Why Do We Cry When We're Sad

Why does it cry to you?

Our today topic is why do we cry when we’re sad.We will talk about why do we cry when we’re sad.What do you think that why do we cry when we’re sad?Why Do We Cry When We're SadThe New York Times writer Benedict Carey expressed crying in a recent summer as “emotional sweating.” I often cry if I think I do not use deodorant and I sweat a lot. But I can not apologize for it, because after a good cry I always feel cleaned myself, as if my heart and mind had made a hot bath and got rid of the roughness.

Here are seven reasons why the phenomenon of tears and crying improves us physically, psychologically and spiritually:

Why Do We Cry When We’re Sad

1. Crying Makes Your Mental Situation Positive
Do you know what your manganese value is? I do not know either. But the lower your manganese values, the higher your chances of feeling good. Because too much manganese causes anxiety, nervousness, fatigue and aggressiveness. Why Do We Cry When We're SadHere crying comes into play and reduces your manganese values.

2. Reduce crying stress
Tears are like sweating. Because crying like exercise reduces our stress level. In Bergman’s article, it is pointed out that tears are very effective in removing chemicals such as endorphin and prolactin, which are the result of stress. On the other hand, if the tears are prevented from flowing, the stress level increases. This is the result of stress and blood pressure and heart problems or invites to the country.

3. Clean Tear Toxins
Biochemist William Frey found that tears emerging as an emotional response contained more toxic by-products than those that escaped or emerged as a result of irritation. Does this result show that your tears are toxic? NO!! Tears cleanse our body of toxins that created stress. You will understand that crying is like a natural therapy or massage ..Why Do We Cry When We're Sad But they cost a lot more.

4. Tear Creates Together
We do not want people against tears when we have sympathy. We empathize more deeply about his situation. This means more ties of friendship and love.

Why Do We Cry When We’re Sad

5. Provide Tears to See
The most basic function of tears is that we see. The tears do not only serve to moisten the eyes and eyelids, but also prevent the water loss of the mucous membranes. Without damping, there is no sight. Jerry Bergman says, “Without tears, life would be extremely disturbing in the short span. In the long walks, the vision orphan was completely lost “Why Do We Cry When We're Sad

6. Kill Tears Bacteria
Tears are antibacterial and antiviral warriors working for us. They fight with these tiny creatures that are likely to reach the body in shopping, public places, and create various infections. Bacteria that try to build a nest in the name of tears lysozyme contain a fluid that can kill 90-95 percent in 5-10 minutes.

7. Tears reveal emotions

Even if you are experiencing a traumatic event or if you are not seriously depressed, an ordinary person may experience conflicts and intimacies within your daily routine. These can cause problems in the limbic system of the brain or at certain corners of the heart as time progresses and accumulates. Why Do We Cry When We're SadJohn Bradshaw says in his book of bestseller: “All feelings must be felt. Sometimes you need to bounce like a storm. Sometimes it hits sobbing, sweating or trembling. So expose your feelings and relax ”


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