White Sauce Without Butter

How To Make White Sauce Without Butter

White Sauce Without Butter is a sauce of french origin that is used to throw to the pasta, vegetables, some meats and fishes and is also the base of all good croquette.You can eat your sausage with white sauce too. It is the mother sauce of many other sauces, that is to say, with it are made many others. Here we will see how to make a white sauce without easy makeup.

White Sauce Without Butter Ingredients

  90 g flour

  90 g of olive oil. This is the substitute for butter.

  1 liter of milk

  Salt and pepper. Optionally, a little

White Sauce Without Butter Recipe

The preparation of the white sauce without butter  is very easy and simple. Just keep in mind that it is advisable to have hot milk, when it is poured into the roux (the mixture of flour and olive oil) and not to throw it all at once. Especially that milk that we are going to throw at the beginning. If not, we run the risk of lumps.

1.- Pour the olive oil to the bottom of a frying pan on a low heat. If we want a white sauce  of a darker color, we can raise the fire a little more.

2.- When the olive oil has warmed, add the flour and stir well with a stick, until both ingredients have been mixed well. This mixture is called roux. Let it roast for a couple of minutes to eliminate the taste of raw flour.

 3.- It’s time to milk. It is important to toss it little by little, one spoon at a time, and stir it with the rod until it has integrated into the roux. When you have integrated, let’s pour more milk and so on until we have poured all the milk.

4.Leave it very soft for another 10 minutes,salt and pepper and …. Ready! We already have a white sauces ready to taste as we want. We can also add some grated nutmeg.

The amount of milk, is indicative. If we want a white sauce without butter a little more liquid, we can pour a little more milk and vice versa.


White Sauce Without Butter White Sauce Without Butter White Sauce Without Butter White Sauce Without Butter

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