White Chocolate Almond

White Chocolate Almond

Can you make a white chocolate almond at home ? The answer is yes. And although from now on, I warn you that it will not be exactly the same as the one bought, yes it is a very rich soft nougat, which is worth doing. I made this because days ago I prepared a cake of nougat without oven. But many people did not know the nougat, or did not know where to buy it so they could not make the cake. That is why I proposed this challenge. Here you have the recipe of the white chocolate almond homemade.If we see in google we can find the best Chocolate Cake Recipe and we can make the best chocolate cake for our family and enjoy it with a cup of strong tea also children love chocolate and no doubt that children also like chocolate cake too.

White Chocolate Almond Ingredients :-

300 g of almonds
200 g honey
50 g white chocolate
130 g of sugar

White Chocolate Almond Recipe :-

1. It ‘s as simple as mixing these four ingredients and beat well. As a result we will have a sticky paste.
2. We covered with plenty of grease proof paper or vellum a mold nougat, biscuit or mold
3. We put all the dough into the mold and lined
4. with a spoon, crush everything, compacting everything possible and leaving the smooth surface. That is, without ups and downs in it
5. Cover the nougat with more baking paper and put in the fridge and leave between one and two days
After this time, you are ready to remove from the mold. With the role of oven, it should be very simple. The longer you let the nougat chocolate which is actually white chocolate almond
in the refrigerator, the more it will harden.
White Chocolate Almond
White Chocolate Almond White Chocolate Almond
White Chocolate Almond
White Chocolate Almond White Chocolate Almond




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