What Is The Voice In Your Head Called

Incredible Power Of Inner Speaking

Our today topic is what is the voice in your head called.We will talk about what is the voice in your head called.What Is The Voice In Your Head CalledDo you think that the voice in your head called inner speaking.What we say to others is far less important than what we tell ourselves. Every day, every day, our mind is filled with the thought that directs the life we ​​live in, it overflows. This inner conversation determines our successes and frustrations.Start by changing your inner talk, whether you are intending to improve in any way in your life, whether it’s about health, career, relationships, action. You will be surprised to see what it is.

What Is The Voice In Your Head Called

What is Inner-Speech?
We speak 50000 words each day (150 to 300 words per minute). While you are reading these words, you are also in a dialogue with yourself. On the one hand,What Is The Voice In Your Head Called you are debating the effects that this writing leaves on you, and on the other hand, the things you have to do today, or worries about the future, are distracting. This inner thinking or inner conversation takes place in the conscious zone of our minds.

What most people do not know is that our internal conversations are conscious commands. The task of our subconscious is to carry out orders given by the conscious territory of our minds. Our consciousness is our personal service for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How Does Internal-Speaking Work?
Imagine a ship crossing the sea. The captain says the commander is loud, and the crew does it. What Is The Voice In Your Head CalledThink of the Tayphals doing these missions inside, not knowing where the gateways go and what they will face. Captain is conscious, and crew symbolizes consciousness.

What Is The Voice In Your Head Called

So when the captain gives the following orders to the crew:

“Full-forward, 15 degrees north, etc.”

The crew only responds as follows: “You are the commander, the captain” and try to fulfill the orders perfectly.He does not care if the crew member goes to an iceberg, or if he is going to collide with another ship or to his destination.What Is The Voice In Your Head Called Orders can not be judged in any way and the captain can not be questioned. The ship metaphor shows the relationship between consciousness and subconscious well. These are not two different intellects, but they can be described as two parts of the same mind.

So, we take the level of consciousness of what we say to ourselves or how we define ourselves as the exit point. If we consistently say:

“I can not remember the names at all”
“My marriage is breaking up and going away.

If you do not realize it, there are instructions to the subconscious. When we are trying to implement the instructions without knowing the duty of our subconscious, these problems are coming to the surface. What Is The Voice In Your Head CalledOur unconscious can not decide whether the instructions are good or bad for us, just fulfilling what we want from him.

What Is The Voice In Your Head Called

Why Internal Speaking is Important?
Let us take notes immediately: “We have what we expect, not the things we want in life”. It is very important that we do not realize that “our view of ourselves (self) is created by our internal talk, and our view of ourselves (self) is determination of our performance in every aspect of life.”

We may have hundreds of opinions about ourselves. We have a good opinion of our cooking ability, for example “we can cook very well”, we may have a bad opinion related to our social abilities “I have difficulty making friends with people. What Is The Voice In Your Head CalledI can not say a word with a person I’ve met for the first time. “After we say these things, our consciousness is trying to make our vision consistent with ourselves. It may be right to the good, too.

Change Your Life by Changing Your Thoughts
We have not come to the world with a belief, an attitude or an idea. We were an empty ship. It was not right or left. We had no belief in how the world should be. From our parents, we received our opinion in the circle, and our opinions about ourselves began to form. Our ideas about whether we will come out on the summit or not, on the contrary, will not be successful have become clearer in our minds. When we were six years old, most of our early ideas about ourselves had already occurred. But this is not what we hear from others, but how we interpreted it in our inner talk.

Our own internal talk is about ourselves, and there is a direct relationship between ourselves and our performance.What Is The Voice In Your Head Called If we want to improve our performance and effectiveness in any area of ​​our lives, we need to improve our view of ourselves.
By creating a language that will allow us to reach the result we desire, we can move our view upward. Let’s begin by sending our unconscious instructions by repeating our renewed inner talk. Our informed consciousness will immediately begin to work to fulfill new tasks.

Our unconscious can never be judged. He does not argue whether the truth is wrong, he does not try to figure out whether he is good for us. It will do what is told to him by the conscious district of mind.If you want to change your life, take the first step with your inner talk, I’m sure the results will make you wonder.What Is The Voice In Your Head Called


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