What is Oxygen Saturation

What is Oxygen Saturation?

Our today topic is what is oxygen saturation?We will talk about what is oxygen saturation?What are the symptoms of low oxygen saturation?The level of oxygen saturation (or oxygen saturation); is used to express the amount of hemoglobin that has reached oxygen saturation. Normal oxygen saturation level is between 95% and 100%.What is Oxygen Saturation

Oxygen saturation levels can be determined by medical specialists through a device that is attached to the patient without the use of medications that spread throughout the body. A sensor is placed on the patient’s head, ear drum, finger tip or nose for measurement.

What is Oxygen Saturation

Low Oxygen Saturation Levels
Oxygen levels below 90% are usually abnormal and cause anxiety. The decrease in oxygen saturation level is called desaturation and there are many possible causes.

When the level of oxygen in your blood drops too much, breathlessness occurs. This is called hypoxia.

Low Oxygen Saturation Symptoms
There are some indications that can accompany the low oxygen saturation and it is as follows:

This is probably the most known and distinctive symptom of the decrease in oxygen saturation. Cyanosis is a physical manifestation of the deep skin or mucous membranes of the body, which means a bluish renal transformation. What is Oxygen SaturationIt occurs because less oxygen reaches the body tissue. This bluish color will most likely be noticeable on the lips and tongue as well as the nail beds of the hands and feet.

This is another characteristic and general symptom of low oxygen saturation. Mostly happens suddenly, is intense and repressed. The person feels that breathing is not enough for him.

Excess Fatigue and Fatigue It
is the feeling that the energy is completely consumed. Often the person will prefer to stay in bed instead of performing daily activities.

What is Oxygen Saturation

Head Confusion
Person will experience intense mental confusion and reduced hand skills. Since there is a lack of oxygen in the body, there will be less oxygen in the brain that reaches the brain, and this will lead to a decrease in cognitive ability.

can cause severe headache by falling oxygen saturation.What is Oxygen Saturation

Causes of Low Oxygen Saturation
Low oxygen saturation may be due to a number of medical conditions. A few of them are:

1) Thin Air

The elevation at high altitude can cause a decrease in the blood saturation of the person, ie desaturation. It; as the altitude increases, the air is tinted and is usually defined as over 3000 metric tons.

2) Deterioration of Oxygen Circulation

Anemia: It is a medical condition that arises from the fact that the red blood cell that will carry cyanic oxygen to the tissues of the individual is not sufficient. This situation causes the oxygen level to drop and the feeling of fatigue is exhausted.

3) Air Duct closure

Air Duct Obstruction: This is caused by partial or complete obstruction of the person’s respiratory tract. This blockage; it may be caused by a foreign substance blocking the channels, an allergic reaction, an infection, an anatomical disorder or trauma.What is Oxygen Saturation

Disease COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease): This; is a term that covers all lung diseases that block the airways necessary for breathing and make it difficult to breathe. The oxygen level in the blood of the person suffering from this will be seen.

Sleep Apnea: During sleep, breathing periodically stops and starts again. As a person stops breathing for a short period of time, less oxygen is taken into the body and the oxygen saturation is reduced.

4) Alveoli Destruction

Emphysema: The air sacs in the lungs are systematically destroyed and the oxygen and carbon dioxide changes in these areas become difficult. The result is a decrease in the level of oxygen saturation in the hand.

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: A syndrome that occurs when there is fluid accumulation in the alveoli, which are flexible air sacs in the lungs. This accumulation of liquid causes the level of oxygen in the body to decrease.

Apart from the above reasons, some drugs and drugs, such as anesthesia, cause a decrease in the level of oxygen saturation in the body.What is Oxygen Saturation

High Oxygen Saturation Levels
Natural air breathing can not increase the level of oxygen in the vicinity above 100% and there is no high saturation. Only medical oxygen supply is breathing for this to happen. However, prolonged high oxygen breathing can have negative effects. Retinopathy may cause blindness and blindness.

What should be done?
If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, be sure to check with your healthcare professional to test your blood saturation level and determine its cause.

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