What is Normal Heart Rate

What is Normal Heart Rate?

Today we will talk about What is Normal Heart Rate?In a resting adult, the normal heart rate range ranges from 60 to 100. In children it can be between 70 and 100.

What is Normal Heart Rate

In general, a low heart rate indicates that the heart functions better and that the heart is more effective at delivering oxygen to the lungs and organs.

A professional athlete can have a heart rate of 40 per minute. In fact, the rest of the cyclist Lance Armstrong, who won the French Bike Tour 7 times, had a heart rate of only 32.

Measuring Heart Rate

To measure your heart rate, simply measure your pulse. For this, place your sign and middle fingers on the side of the larynx. To measure your pulse from the ankle, place two fingers between the bone and nerve above the forearm vein.

When you feel the pulse, count the pulses for 15 seconds. You multiply this number by 4 to calculate the number of pulses per minute.

Many factors can affect heart rate:

It increases with activity level .
Increases with fitness level .
Air temperature: temperature and humidity increase heart rate.
Body position: increase standing or decrease reach.
Emotions: emotions like excitement, shame.
As the Body Size increases, the heart rate increases.
Drugs can either increase or decrease.
Although the heart rate is a wide range, the unusually high or low heart rate can be a sign of another underlying problem.

Your heart rate:

continuously above 100 ( tachycardia , heartbeat) or
( Bradycardia , low heart rate)
consult your doctor.

If you have other symptoms, especially fainting, dizziness, chest pain, or shortness of breath, you may need an expert opinion.

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