What Is Emotional Eating

7 Foods According to Your Feeling

What is emotional eating?Actually, we are treating with the food we take our body 3 times a day. The more attentive you choose your meals, the better you can feel. Moving to quality food means you have to face less with high sugar or overweight. But beyond choosing healthy foods, it is also possible to make a point shot and find the best nutrients for our current mood. Taking too much caffeine, or being fed full grain as much as you can, directly affects our mood.
Are you feeling angry or a little sad? Or you’re under a lot of stress. Then change your diet, change your life. It’s that simple. Here is what you eat according to your mood:

What Is Emotional Eating

1. Do you feel sad?
Your diet can make you depressed, and vice versa. Magnesium is a mineral involved in the production of the serotonin of happiness hormone. Green vegetables like spinach contain high amounts of magnesium. Nutrients such as dry nuts, seeds, whole grains, bananas, avocados, cacao, tongue, etc. are also important sources of magnesium.

2. Are you angry?
If you are angry, you should avoid some foods. Spices increase body heat. Since you are already angry, you have fired the fire thoroughly. In addition, people with allergic reactions to casein and wheat flour in dairy products may develop brain inflammation, which can lead to aggression.

3. Are you stressed?
Wildflower can help relieve stress. This fruit contains plenty of vitamin C, which is effective in reducing stress. In addition, almonds contain B2, E vitamins and magnesium, zinc minerals can reduce stress.

4. Feeling unrestrained?
The cottage cheese called tryptophan contains an amino acid that relaxes the whole body and mind and induces sleep. Sesame seed is also rich in tryptophan. Sesame is also
excellent in terms of carbohydrate and protein content and is perfect for bedtime.

5. Your head is very mu-messy?
Fruits like blueberries and strawberries move the brain’s natural mechanism so that toxic substances that cause age-related memory loss and other mental problems are cleared.

6. Do You Feel Like You Are Lose Weight?
Michelle Schoffro Cook points out that when we take a few extra pounds of fibrous green vegetables, our work is done in a very short time. “These vegetables provide refueling to your liver, the liver is the body’s fat burning machine.” I do not know how much domestic and organic vegetables you eat, but think about eating more. Because they are antioxidants and fiber-filled layers.

7. Do you feel tired?
Your vitamin B12 may be lacking. Especially in vegetarians, a very common condition is the lack of B12. Because B12 is in meat and dairy products. If you feel tired even when you get your normal sleep, maybe you do not get as much. So do not give up on animal food.

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