What is Choline

What is Choline , What Benefits to Take Daily?

Today we will talk about What is Choline?Choline  is a water-soluble nutrient and is usually classified in group B vitamins.

What is Choline

What are the Benefits of Vitamin Choline?
-coline helps control weight and cholesterol level.
– It plays a role in keeping the cell membrane healthy. Normal cells are crucial for zygote structure and function.
-It prevents stones from forming.
– Helps to memorize and learn by providing the continuity of the system.
-Fight with infections.
– The greatest precursor of betain, which is responsible for the water balance in the kidneys and the processing of fats in the liver.
-According to the production of acetylcholine neurotransmitter.
– In the intestinal cells, conduction assists in bile secret regulation, liver function and lecithin production.

What is Choline

Vitamin Deficiency in Choline
Choline deficiency is rare. Deficiency can lead to liver diseases, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and kidney problems. Cholinergic deficiency can manifest itself in the form of not digesting fats, lack of growth, and fatty liver.

Memory and brain functions may also be impaired.

What is Choline

How Much Should You Take In A Day?
Men should take at least 550 mg daily and women 425 mg daily. But consider this: this dosage is the minimum amount necessary to avoid the lack of cholinergic vitamins. In addition, the need for choline vitamin increases with the amount of fat in the diet.

Symptoms of Excess Choline Vitamin Intake and Toxicity (Poison) The
maximum amount of cholinin you will receive is 3.5 grams.

Too many cholinins can cause the body to smell like fish, causing nausea, depression, and triggering of the existing epilepsy. In addition, low blood pressure, sweating, excessive salivation and diarrhea have been reported.

What is Choline

What do you get the best result?
Inositol should be taken at the same dose. B group vitamins, A vitamini and linoleic acid is best when taken with.

When is Vitamin More Needed?
Alcohol, refined sugar, and high amounts of vitamin B3 require the use of extra cholesterol vitamins.

Enemy of Colin Vitamin The colin
is lost during processing, storage and cooking.

What is Choline

Other Interesting Points
Choline is involved in the production of lecithin along with fat, inositol and basic unsaturated fatty acids. In the production of lecithin, there is also a need for a coenzyme and magnesia containing vitamin B6. A fall in lecithin level leads to elevated levels of cholesterol.

Which foods are found in choline vitamins?
Egg yolk, red meat, wheat germ (whole wheat bread), oats and dried nuts.

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