What Happens When Hemoglobin Is Low

Hemoglobin (HGB) Reduction Causes and Treatment

Our today topic is what happens when hemoglobin is low?We will discuss about what happens when hemoglobin is low?We will share the correct answer of what happens when hemoglobin is low?Low hemoglobin (HGB) may be a sign of many diseases that require medical treatment. Because, when the number of hemoglobins is low, oxygen intake is not enough for vital organs. If you are showing signs of anemia, such as paleness or rapid heartbeat on your skin, contact a health care provider as soon as possible.

What is the Low Hemoglobin (HGB)?
Red blood cells (red blood cells) carry a protein called hemoglobin . This molecule carries oxygen to different parts of the body from the lungs. What Happens When Hemoglobin Is LowNormal hemoglobin level is between 13.8 and 17.2 gm / dL in males and between 12.1 and 15.1 gm / dL in females. The normal level in children differs according to age and sex.

Low hemoglobin levels can usually be seen in routine blood tests. 13.5 gm / dL for males and 12 gm / dL for females indicate lower hemoglobin levels. Often, blood tests can yield results below these values. But this is normal and does not lead to a health problem. However, if the hemoglobin decline is high, it may lead to complaints, and it may be the narrator of another underlying disease. This is called anemia in the case of abnormal hemoglobin count .

What Happens When Hemoglobin Is Low

Reasons for Low Hemoglobin (HGB)
A small decrease in hemoglobin level may not mean a disease. Some people, such as women and menstruating during menstruation, may have been adhered to a low hemoglobin level.If the hemoglobin level is excessive, it can be a symptom of any disease causing red blood cells in the blood. This happens if the body can not produce enough red blood cells, the blood cells are destroyed more quickly than they are produced, and the person has suffered blood loss.

Some conditions and diseases cause the body to produce less red blood cells than normal. Some of these are:

.Folic acid deficiency
.iron deficiency
.B12 deficiency
.Plasma anemia (a disease caused by bone marrow)
.Multiple myeloma disease
.Myelodysplastic syndrome
.Kidney disease
.Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
.Lead poisoning
.Use of anti-virus drugs and chemotherapy drugs
Hemoglobin levels can be observed in cases where the body destroys these cells faster than it produces red blood cells. These include, for example, the following diseases:

.Spleen growth
.Sickle cell anemia
Continuous and chronic blood loss can also cause this.What Happens When Hemoglobin Is Low Below are the possible causes of this blood loss:

.Trauma and surgery
.Internal bleeding or bleeding
.Frequent blood donation
.Severe menstrual bleeding
.Common nosebleed

Hemoglobin (Hgb) Reduced Symptoms
A person with a low hemoglobin level in a small amount may not feel any complaints. Some may display mild symptoms such as dizziness, while those with moderate anemia may experience constant fatigue, frequent recurring headaches, lack of concentration, and exhaustion.Excessively low levels of hemoglobin can prevent adequate oxygen transport to vital organs. This also causes conditions to increase the rate of blood pumping of the heart, such as shortness of breath and increased heart rate. It also causes palpitations and chest pain.The visible signs are deep, pale in the gums and nails. In extreme cases, swelling, excessive sweating, stomach uptightness, vomiting, bruising and bloody stools can be observed at the corners and legs. In children, behavioral disturbance and low school success can cause brain development that can manifest itself.

Hemoglobin (Hgb) Reduction Treatment
Blood test A routine blood test will easily show if your hemoglobin level is low. The main cause behind cancer is determined by disease history, physical examination and other blood tests.

What Happens When Hemoglobin Is Low

Mediines and supplements
Doctors often try to increase their hemoglobin level with iron and vitamin supplements. Although these medicines are sold without a prescription,What Happens When Hemoglobin Is Low it is necessary to refer to a doctor for the dosage of the medicament depending on the person’s health condition. Other diseases underlying the low hemoglobin level of the quince should also be treated.

A healthy diet with high iron content is recommended. Some of the iron-containing foods are red meat, oysters, shrimps, green leafy vegetables, beans, peas, cornflakes, raisins and dried apricots.After starting dietary changes and supplementation, it may take several months for the number of hemoglobin to increase. Therefore, people with low hemoglobin levels should consume high amounts of iron-containing foods.

When to consult a doctor?
Low hemoglobin is usually noticed as a result of a complete blood count test. Your doctor may ask you to perform this test if you are showing the following:

.Chronic fatigue
.Shortness of breath
.Energy deprivation
.Fast heartbeat
.Pale skin, nails and gums

Your doctor may ask you for other tests to determine the cause of this condition and may give you some appropriate medicines and supplements.


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