Vitamin D Deficiency

What Does Vitamin D Deficiency Mean?

What Does Vitamin D Deficiency Mean?Answer is so simple.D Vitamins are essential for health, growth and strong bones. D vitamins deficiency is quite common nowadays.

What is D Vitamin?
Vitamin D is needed for physical and mental health. Unlike other vitamins, it is not taken from grains.

Vitamin D is produced in our own body. The sun’s rays form the basis of vitamin D and vitamin D. This is a good thing, because most foods do not contain or contain very little vitamin D at all.

Vitamin D Deficiency

Rare foods containing vitamin D are:

Fish oil (such as geranium, salmon)
Strengthened foods (which means that vitamin D is added into it, such as some margarines, breakfast cereals and baby food)
It also contains vitamin D in small amounts in egg yolk, liver and wild fungi.

What is D Vitamin Deficiency?
D vitamins mostly consist of the end result of the sunlight’s heat. The foods generally contain very little vitamin D.

A lack of vitamin D in the middle level does not constitute a serious symptom, but it can cause fatigue and general pain and irritation. A high level of vitamin D deficiency causes rickets in children and bone erimes in the elderly.

Treatment is done with vitamin D supplements. Some people are at risk for lack of vitamin D, suggesting that they continuously take vitamin D. These are pregnant and breastfeeding women, children between 6 months and 5 years, people over 65 years of age, and people who do not appear in the sun. Vitamin D is recommended for some people with liver or kidney disease.

Vitamin D Deficiency

D Vitamin and Sunlight
The sun’s ultraviolet B rays (UVB) convert the deep cholesterol to vitamin D. A person will meet his vitamin D need for 20-30 minutes a day, with his face and arms open, at noon, and 2-3 times a week in the sun. But in the dark and the elderly, the vitamin D requirement is more than that.

Note 1: The sunlight passing through the glass does not provide vitamin D production.

Note 2: Excessive exposure to sunlight can be detrimental. Sun burns should always be avoided. Because skin cancer increases the risk.

D vitamine Why do we need it?
The main function of vitamin D is to aid in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Calcium and phosphorus are needed to keep bones strong and healthy. D vitamins are also important for muscles and general health. There are also reports that cancer, diabetes and heart disease reduce the risk.

Vitamin D Deficiency

Who does Vitamin D Deficiency occur?
D vitamins means that there is not enough vitamin D in the body and it occurs in the following situations:

When the body increases the vitamin D requirement: Growing children, pregnant and lactating women enter this group.

When the body can not make enough vitamin D: The first reason is that it does not stay in the sunlight enough. The darker the skin color, the lower the rate of sunlight utilization. In some cases, such as celiac disease and Crohn’s disease, vitamin D deficiency occurs. In addition, some medications also cause vitamin D deficiency because it prevents the absorption of vitamin D (read the prospectus).

When there is not enough vitamin D in the diet: The risk of vitamin D deficiency increases in vegetarians and people who do not eat fish.

Vitamin D Deficiency

D Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms
Most people do not see symptoms, only those that are not understood to be caused by vitamin D (tiredness and general pain) are felt. D vitamini deficiency indication is usually absent from the eye because it is not specific and difficult to understand. Diagnosis is usually made of a deformation result in the bones.

Symptoms in Infants and Children

Babies with severe D vitamini deficiency may have muscle spasms (cramps), disease episodes, and difficulty breathing. These problems are related to the consistently low level of calcium.
Children with severe D vitamine deficiency have soft skulls and bones. Bones can be curved. They complain of bone pain (especially in the legs), muscle aches and muscle weakness. This is called rickshit.
Slow Growth. Elongation is more affected than weight. Children with D vitamins deficiency may start to walk late.
Delay of Teeth. In children with vitamin D, the development of milk teeth is affected.
Childhood irritability may be related to vitamin D deficiency.
Children with deficiency D vitamins are infected more quickly. The breathing statement can occur in many cases. Breathing is difficult due to weak chest muscles and a soft chest cage.
If rickets is severe, calm may cause a low calcium level. This causes muscular spasms (cramps), seizures and breathing difficulties. In this case, urgent care is needed.
Rarely, excessively low levels of vitamin D lead to weakness in the heart muscles.
Adult Indications

Vitamin D Deficiency

General fatigue, unexplained pain and irritation and feelings of well-being are common symptoms.
More serious deficiencies can lead to osteomalacia (bone softening). In this case there is a higher degree of pain and weakness. Muscle weakness can make it difficult to go up stairs or get up and sit in a chair.
Even with a little pressure, the bones will feel pain. Some bones can crack.

How is Vitamin D Deficiency Diagnosed?
If your medical history, symptoms, or lifestyle is suspected, your doctor can tell if you have a deficiency of vitamin D with a simple blood test. Vitamin D deficiency can be understood with blood tests that measure calcium, phosphate levels or liver functions. Sometimes children are looked at with a x-ray. Looking at the shape of your bone, it becomes clear how serious the problem is.

Vitamin D Deficiency

D Vitamin Deficiency Treatment
Treatment is with vitamin D supplements. This is a form of calciferol, a form of vitamin D. D vitamins can be given by drops, needles or pills. Your doctor will make the best decision in this regard.

Vitamin levels and symptoms generally respond well to treatment. But it can take months for the bones to become fully healthy. But mostly a few weeks or months will be enough.

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