What Causes Colic In Babies

Colic Symptoms and Treatment in Infants

Our today topic is what causes colic in babies?We will discuss about what causes colic in babies?We will share the easy answer of what causes colic in babies?In babies, colic (colic baby) is used to express that the baby is crying at an extreme level despite health, and can not be calmed down anyway.A crying baby in this way will probably make you uncomfortable. It is a really difficult job to deal with for hours. You may feel helpless at times. Even your age may start to come of age. But you do not do anything wrong. What Causes Colic In BabiesBecause your baby often does not cry for a certain reason.These crying episodes are quite common and you can be sure that the hard times will be over. Colic starts usually 2-4 weeks, when your baby is 3-4 months is usually the end.Colic is seen in 10% – 15% of babies. So if you feel you are alone, be sure you are not alone.

Colic Symptoms in Infants
If your baby is healthy and you are over crying despite your good nutrition, it is probably colic. Colic indicators in infants are:

Frequent intense and unsettling cries of crying
Crying seizures usually begin 2-4 weeks
Pulling his legs under his body when he cries, making his hands punch
Crying especially during the afternoon and evening
Some babies have a lot of muddles and plenty of gas
Your colic baby may not be the only cause. If you are constantly crying, and do not feel comfortable, consult a doctor before deciding whether or not you have colic. Intestinal knotting, testicular bending, hernia, or other aches may cause the baby to cry constantly.

Causes of Colic in Infants
All babies nets. Some are few, some are many. Experts who research on colic babies call the cry point the colic. This is especially the top spot in the first two months.Doctors have not figured out why some babies cry too much.What Causes Colic In Babies There are some theories, but there is no theory yet to be understood.The Most Popular Intestine The most popular theory is that the baby’s intestines work too hard and cause cramps and pain.

What Causes Colic In Babies

Less Work on the Intestines
Some doctors, on the other hand, show that the intestinal tract is causing air to build up because the intestinal movements are very slow. In this case they say that the intestines are enlarged and cause pain. Because the baby’s intestines are still in the developmental stage, they think that they are not working in full force yet.The Nervous System Has Not Developed.There is also a theory that once the baby’s nervous system is still in development, it has not yet learned to stop crying once it starts.

Other Theories
Some say they eat fast, eat too much or swallow a lot of air and that is the reason behind the low burden. Another theory claims that your mother drinks cow milk and does not drink with the colic.

Colic Treatment in Infants
If you do what you do with the nature of the cardinal, you will continue to cry. Be prepared for some of the sedation methods to work and some not to work.Sometimes it will be useful to feed your baby and remove his gas. Because babies usually nest when they are hungry or when they need gas. So try these tips:

Satisfied when you are hungry Whether you are breastfeeding, whether you are fed from the bottle or when you are hungry, feed your stomach.What Causes Colic In Babies When you try to schedule feeding, it may be crying hungry.Remove the Gas After you have fed your baby’s stomach, be sure to remove the gas.

Gently massage your stomach in a clockwise motion. This way you can ensure that the gas or fouling that is trapped moves.

Breastfeed Baby can perhaps relax with a pacifier .

Hold Up, Swallow Air
If your baby has a lot of gas, try to keep it as straight as possible while breastfeeding so that you do not swallow it too much. Make sure a nozzle is completely dry before passing on to the other.Other methods of relief include creating the environment in which the baby lives in the womb:

Keep Close Keep
close to yourself so you can feel your heart beats. Sit, relax and take long, slow breaths. So your heartbeats will be slow and orderly.

What Causes Colic In Babies

it securely. If you are one month old you may arson.

down calm atmosphere . Spending it on people from man to man, bright lights can be disturbing. It may be difficult to remove the gas in bright light.

Repeating Voices
Repetitive voices and vibrations may look like voices heard within you.What Causes Colic In Babies A vacuum cleaner, a hair dryer, a clock that sounds like a click, or a slightly rhythmic music can work.

Car Navigation
Car navigation is a metotour that works for many babies.

shake your baby. Regular mood can calm him down.

Warm Bath
Try the warm banyoy. Your baby spent months in warm amniotic fluid. A peaceful bathroom in a warm room can calm some weeping babies.

Does the feeding of the mother make the bad?
Some doctors think that if the mother is breastfeeding and the food that can make gas is eaten, it will increase the colic.

Food and drinks that produce a lot of gas are:

Orange juice
Vegetables, especially onions and cabbage
Plums and apples
Spicy foods
Caffeine-containing drinks such as tea and coffee

Test your baby to understand the food that makes a difference. By putting two days between changes in your diet, you can understand what makes your baby better and worse.

Getting Started with Colic
When the baby is colic, the family life can be reversed. It is extremely stressful and sad that your baby is crying for hours and not being relieved.Particularly for the first time, parents can experience shock and frustration because their baby is not a source of joy. You can feel guilty if you are the cause of the police.What Causes Colic In BabiesIt’s easy to say, but your child is healthy and will get rid of it in a few months. The colic does not harm the baby’s development, and even colic babies are observed to be more intelligent.It is very important that parents can look after themselves in these difficult times. You and your partner should be able to look at the baby in turn and be able to relax.You can also ask for help from family and friends. It’s better to ask for help if you do not get yourself. Problems can arise in breastfeeding mothers.Talking to other families who are experiencing the same problem can be good. You can take advice in this way and realize that you are not alone.

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