what to eat to lose weight in 2 weeks

The Best Weight Loss Breakfast Menu

What to eat to lose weight in 2 weeks is our today topic we will discuss about what to eat to lose weight in 2 weeks.

A week of slimming menus to refine smoothly

To feel the body light, if you indulge in a short slimming program? Two weeks to scare the scales in the right direction and close your favorite jeans. Yes but what to eat to not starve? We have concocted a week of menus for your “diet” (which is not really one). To you the dream body!Weight Loss Breakfast Menu

Attention, this is not a diet! Well, not really. Let’s say it’s more about controlling, balancing your diet , feeling light. For in two weeks, one does not transform his body: the miracle diets that promise the moon in record time are to be avoided as ineffective and dangerous. To slim down effectively, you know, you have to learn to slim down slowly.
No, these two weeks, you are just going to resume good habits, whether by eating healthily through our ideas of slimming meals, and relearning to move to accelerate the results of course! Follow our tips and recipes to lose weight smoothly …

To lose weight, you have to eat everything

There is no need to restrict oneself too much. Indeed, when the body is brutally deprived, it sets up a survival system: it spends less energy. As soon as we give it back (when we eat again normally), it stores in anticipation of new periods of restriction. This is called the yoyo effect . If for 15 days you give him only soup and yogurt, then you allow him chocolate and pizzas, you can imagine the cata! As a result, our “diet program” does not prohibit anything: one eats everything, but in reasonable quantities, limiting the consumption of bad fats and sugars above all. Our worst enemies at all.

Balanced slimming menus

It is also useless to provoke deficiencies. The body needs vitamins (C, A and E in particular), as well as minerals and trace elements (magnesium, iron, calcium, copper …) to cope with everyday life. you need? Weight Loss Breakfast MenuIn moderate-dose fruits but especially in vegetables, in all their forms. It’s good, it’s also the least caloric foods. Result: during these 2 weeks of menus light, we will not deprive ourselves. In this slimming diet, it is a fruit at every meal, including breakfast , and vegetables at lunch and dinner.

Full Menus for Weight Loss

When we often spend too much time locked in, we sometimes want to nibble all day. To avoid crises of snacking, especially, do not zap starches (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, quinoa, cereals …). Rich in slow carbohydrates, they slowly diffuse their energy in the body, cause a feeling of long lasting satiety and avoid the pump strokes after meals. In addition, they help nourish our brains. In order to cope with the activity of the day, these menus to lose weight en expect for breakfast and lunch (200 g cooked for pasta, rice, quinoa …). However, at dinner, before sleeping, they are avoided in order to lower the overall energy intake of the day, without it being difficult during the night. Light menu in the evening, obligatory!

what to eat to lose weight in 2 weeks

Do not you think that everyday life is sometimes tiring enough? So if, in addition, you are prevented from eating well … More seriously, the risk of a bland diet (green beans / steam fish), is to compensate for the sacrifices made later. Results: zero kilo less. Yeah, two more pounds! How to succeed in losing weight by making yourself enjoy anyway? By diversifying food, being curious on his plate, going to discover new dishes. Weight Loss Breakfast MenuThis program of menus for slimming gives pride of place to the variety: starter / main course / dessert with every meal, fish or meat, all kinds of fruits and vegetables, various starches, a breakfast that changes all days … And most importantly, retain more festive menus on Saturdays and Sundays, without threatening the efforts of the week.

Sports to accompany his slimming program

Nothing serves to reduce energy intake if you do not practice regular, even moderate, physical activity. The idea: spend more energy than the body absorbs. To the extent that it results in a caloric expenditure, physical exercise greatly facilitates thinning. As a bonus, it strengthens and allows you to reconnect with your body.Weight Loss Breakfast Menu Essential when you want to feel beautiful!
No question of running 2 hours if you are not a sporty minimum! Start at first by multiplying the journeys on foot (journey office / house or metro / office, races, exit of the dog, races, walk with the children …) and leave once for all the elevators and escalators. Get out of the weekend as you move out tenfold in energy costs: play with the kids, take an active cycling tour (not nonchalant of course), a hike, an hour of swimming … The gym? And why not ?

Weight loss meals: a day of slimming

Dietary menu to lose weight after breakfast
A good day begins with a solid breakfast. He must break the fast of the night, allow the body to reconstitute its reserves and avoid the pump-shots of the day.
-1 fresh fruit for vitamins, minerals and fiber.
-1 lean dairy (white or fresh cheese, milk, yoghurt …) for calcium and protein.
-1 cereal product in measured quantities (oatmeal, muesli, bread …) for slow carbohydrates and B vitamins. No pastries or bread, please!
– a few grams of fat for fatty acids –
a hot drink for hydration .

Balanced meal to lose weight at lunch

It is an essential moment to gain strength. Complete, varied and satisfying, a balanced weight loss menu avoids the cravings of the afternoon and allows not to throw greedily on dinner.Weight Loss Breakfast Menu
-1 starter consisting of vegetables (salad, raw vegetables) lightly seasoned and / or lean protein (oysters, shrimps …)
-1 dish combining proteins (150 g low-fat meat or 200 g fish), 200 g pasta , rice, quinoa or semolina, and vegetables. think about legumes and the cabbage family, which are good for your health.
-1 dairy in the form of a white cheese, a yoghurt, no cheese (fat).
-1 fruit, nature or prepared (baked, mousse, compote, papillote …) but without too much added sugar.

Menu to lose weight with a light dinner

Because it precedes the night, period of activity less, the dinner should be lighter. On the other hand, it is important to preserve the entry / main / dessert structure in order to promote satiety even with low energy intake, and to provide the organism with a maximum of food variety. The more motivated will be able to zap the sweet dessert.
-1 vegetable (one soup for example)
-1 dish with proteins like ham, 1 egg, canned tuna … and vegetables (a dish to lose weight somehow!)
-1 dairy (optional) and 1 fruit (optional)

A week of slimming menus and light meals

Menu balanced to lose weight on Monday
Breakfast: Tea, coffee, infusion, wholemeal bread (3 tr.), 10 g of lightened butter, 2 Saint Moret lightened, 1 pearWeight Loss Breakfast Menu
Lunch: Sliced ​​mushrooms with lemon, Salmon paving stone grilled / lentils, White cheese with apricot coulis
Dinner: Pumpkin soup, Ham leek, Milk-shake with orange, 1 apple

Menu for weight loss on Tuesday

Breakfast: Tea, coffee, infusion, Unsweetened whole cereals (9 tbsp.), Skim milk (200 mL), grapefruit
Lunch: Shrimp quinoa tabboulee, Rabbit / cabbage braised, Dishes 0%, Red fruit salad
Dinner: Citrus lettuce, tomato and zucchini omelette, Yoghurt, Fish sauce

Menus to lose weight on Wednesday

Breakfast: Tea, coffee, infusion, Complete cracottes (6), 1 tbsp. tablespoons lite jam, 5 g fat butter, fruit yoghurt 0%, 1 kiwi
Lunch: Palm hearts and balsamic dressing, turkey cutlet with tarragon / fricassee of turnips and potatoes, Cottage Cheese, Fresh Pineapple
Dinner: Cream of mushrooms, Courgettes stuffed with thyme, Small sweet Swiss fruit, Pear with wine

what to eat to lose weight in 2 weeks

Diet menu Thursday
Breakfast (. 3 tr) Tea, coffee, tea, Sourdough Bread, Cream Cheese (100 g), an orange
Lunch: Pasta with tuna and peppers (cold mixed salad: 200g of pasta , tuna in the natural, pepper), Entremet in the coffee, ClementinesWeight Loss Breakfast Menu
Dinner: Artichoke vinaigrette, Crab salad with spinach, Flan with lemon, Fruit skewer

Friday light menu
Breakfast Tea, coffee, infusion … Unsweetened whole cereals (9 tbsp.) Skimmed milk (200 mL) 1 conference pear Lunch Soya beans and sesame vinaigrette Baked cod / basmati rice small vegetables Bavarian vanilla sauce Citrus fruit compote Dinner Watercress soup Seafood mussels Fruity yoghurt 0% Baked apple or pear

Lunch and dinner: light and balanced on Saturday
Breakfast: Tea, coffee, infusion, Milk breads (2), Fresh square 0% (100 g), Rhubarb purée
Lunch: Celery root with mustard,Weight Loss Breakfast Menu Filet mignon de pork / Carrot wheat, Dishes 0%, Fruit Macedonia
Dinner: Fish terrine, Poultry white salad with minced fennel, Milk eggs, Red fruit mousse

Meals for your “diet” Sunday
Breakfast Tea, coffee, tea, Sweet Bread (2 tr.), Lightweight Jam (1 tbsp.), Semolina pudding, Fresh fruit juice (1 cup)
Lunch: 6 oysters with shallot vinegar, Sea couscous, Fine apple pie and vanilla ice cream
Dinner: Fish soup, Red cabbage with apple, Mint white cheese, Fruit sauce


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