Weight Loss And Sleep

Why is Sleep a Key in Weight Loss?

Our today topic is weight loss and sleep.We will talk about weight loss and sleep.What is the relation of weight loss and sleep.Do you think we can lose weight too by sleeping well.Regular exercise and a healthy diet are the key to many weight loss programs. However, enough sleep is often overlooked. Research shows that sleep plays an important role in weight control. Let’s look at why the sleep affects weight loss.Weight Loss And Sleep

The Importance of Sleep
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Why is it important to sleep?
Sleep is a very important factor in weight loss. Sleep reduces appetite, accelerates metabolism, allows the body to rest and heal.

How much should I sleep every day?
Be sure to sleep 8 hours a day with an active lifestyle and a balanced diet.

Weight Loss And Sleep

Growth Hormones
During sleep, the pituitary gland secretes more growth hormone than you are awake. Growth hormones stimulate cell renewal and cell growth. These hormones also help in muscle production. The increase in growth hormone means that the metabolism is accelerated. It accelerates faster with accelerated metabolism, so you lose weight more quickly.Weight Loss And Sleep

Sleep for 8 hours to lower the level of cortisol in your blood . A high level of cortisol results in a decrease in metabolic rate. Cortisol also stimulates the conversion of proteins into glucose. Increasing the glucose level will also lead to storage of fat. Moreover, cortisol slows down the body’s muscle production. If you want to lose weight, you should make sure that the level of cortisol in the blood is low. Sleeping enough will help you do that.

Sleep and HealingWeight Loss And Sleep

Regular exercise will help you to lose weight and be healthier. When you exercise, your body is exhausted, and in fact, your muscles have minor damage. If you want to improve your performance, you should let your body heal itself. Your body returns to its original state during sleep. If you don’t sleep well enough, you will be tired and your performance will drop. Sleeping enough will result in better rest, healing and growth of your body.


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