Vitamin C Deficiency

Vitamin C Deficiency Indications and Treatment

Today we will talk about vitamin C deficiency.There are so many reasons of vitamin C deficiency.Vitamin C can not be produced in the body, so it is an important part of the diet. It is necessary for the repair of the tissues in the body and for the health. Chronic (continuous) vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy disease. Symptoms of scurvy are easy bruising, spontaneous bleeding, joint and muscle pain. Vitamin C deficiency can be treated with vitamin C supplements or with a vitamin C rich diet.

Vitamin C Deficiency

What is vitamin C?
Vitamins are a group of substances needed in small quantities and needed to maintain health. Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid. It can not be produced in the body, so it is a fundamental part of the diet. Vitamin C is needed for the construction of a substance called collagen. There is a need to make skin, bones, cartilage, connective tissue, tendons, blood vessel walls and teeth in this material.

There are a variety of foods rich in vitamin C, which include:

-Fragrant (orange, mandarin, grapefruit, lemon)
-Fibre, blueberries, currant, raspberries
-Milk and watermelon
-Spark, tomatoes, vegetables such as broccoli

Vitamin C is supplied by more than 90% of fruits and vegetables. Cooking vegetables or fruity reduces vitamin C content by 30-40%.

The recommended amount of vitamin C varies according to age and sex. Pregnant and lactating women need more vitamin C.

The amount of daily Vitamin C required for children between the ages of 1 and 10 is at least 30 mg
. The amount of Vitamin C per day required for children between the ages of 11 and 14 is at least 35 mg
. mg.

Vitamin C Deficiency

What is C Vitamin Deficiency?
Vitamin C deficiency occurs as a result of low vitamin C intake in the diet. In the long run, the body becomes unable to collagen. This causes the various tissues in the body to begin to break down and the tissue repair to take place. Lack of chronic vitamin C (3 months or more) results in the formation of a disease known as scurvy.

How Common is Vitamin C Deficiency?
Scurvy due to vitamin C is rare. In general, fishermen were often seen in maritime circles in the past. So the marines put lemon peel under the tongue.

In some groups of people, vitamin C deficiency is more common. These are: –
Alcohol and drug addicts (because they are not fed on a healthy and balanced diet) –
People with very low calorie intake, unhealthy diets –
People with a condition that prevents vitamin absorption such as Crohn’s disease
– Smoking cigarettes because smoking prevents the absorption of vitamin
C – pregnant and lactating women because they need vitamin

Vitamin C Deficiency

What are the symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency?
Common definitions of vitamin C deficiency include:

Fatigue and weakness – Warts and joint aches –
Easily bruises in the body
– Bruises and dots in red-blue color on the skin

Other symptoms are:
-Dry skin
leaving in Nonsence wire
in -Dental flesh swelling and discoloration occurs to
-Dental meat in spontaneous bleeding occurs the
Nasal bleeding are
difficult healing of -Yarade
caught easily on-infectious and their long time in healing
changes in Bones
loss -Dental
-Kilo loss

Vitamin C Deficiency

If vitamin C deficiency can not be diagnosed and treated, edema, shortness of breath, nerve problems, fever, and remission can occur. Very rarely, blood in the brain and around the heart can cause death.

Your doctor who is suspicious of vitamin C deficiency will ask questions about your diet and will list the statements. A simple blood test will show that you do not have a lack of vitamin C.

Your doctor may also want to test for other vitamin and mineral deficiencies. For example, because vitamin C helps iron absorption, lack of vitamin C is likely to cause iron deficiency.

Vitamin C Deficiency

What is the cure of Vitamin C deficiency?
Vitamin C deficiency can be treated with a diet enriched with vitamin C supplements and vitamin C vitamins. After a while, vitamin C supplementation is stopped, but you have to continue to eat foods rich in vitamin C.

People with deficiency of vitamin C generally heal completely. Symptoms disappear within days or weeks when C vitamin therapy is started.

Is Vitamin C Deficiency Abolishable?

Vitamin C deficiency can be easily prevented when you have an adequate and balanced diet. Be careful to have a diet rich in vegetables and fruits. As a note, a large orange will meet your daily vitamin C needs.

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