Vitamin A Deficiency

How to Underestimate the Vitamin A Deficiency

Today we will discuss about vitamin A deficiency.Vitamin A deficiency can be caused by two reasons. First, vitamin A is not consumed enough. The second reason is that vitamin A can not be absorbed in the body.

As vitamin A has many functions in the body, it may occur in the absence of different symptoms. These symptoms may be temporary or may result in permanent damage (unfortunately, 250,000 children in Africa are blinded each year due to lack of vitamins). Vitamin A is found in many foods: green leafy vegetables, carrots, zucchini, eggs, liver …

Vitamin A Deficiency

How to Underestimate the Vitamin A Deficiency
The most common statements of vitamin A deficiency are:

How are you?
A vitamins play a very important role in the sense of sight. To see the whole spectrum of light, he must produce some pigments in his eye. Production of these pigments required for photoreceptor cells in the retina stops at the lack of vitamins and results in night blindness (chicken pox).

Vitamin A is also needed for other parts of the eye, including the cornea. The eye can not produce enough moisture in the intake of insufficient vitamins, and the eyes become dry. This results in corneal ulcers, eye sores and blindness in the future.

Vitamin A Deficiency

Immune System Weaknesses
weaken the immune system in the absence of vitamins. This means that your body will fight less with infections and become more sick. In addition, skin infections can occur frequently. Acne is a symptom of vitamins that are dry and easily injured.

Other symptoms include:

Throat infections
Oral country
Bladder inflammation
Dry hair
Bran in hair
A lack of vitamins is rarely seen in developed countries as it is often the result of poor nutrition. Vitamin A deficiency arises in these countries, where our country is also included, because inflammatory diseases (such as Crohn’s disease or celiac disease) that occur in the digestive system more often prevent the absorption of vitamin A. Or excess alcohol intake, zinc deficiency and pancreatic diseases lead to lack of vitamins. If you suspect a vitamin A deficiency, consult a doctor.

Vitamin A Deficiency

Rich Foods For A Vitamin
1. Liver: 100 gr || 75333IU || (1507DV%)

2. Stripped Pepper: 1 cup of biscuit || 3691IU || (74DV%)

3. Carrots: 100gr || 16706IU || (334DV%)

4.Curly cabbage with green leafy vegetables : 100gr || 15376IU || (308% DV)
spinach: 100gr || 8126IU || (188% DV)
lettuce: 100gr || 7492IU || (150% DV)

5-Dry Apricot: 100gr || 3604IU || (72% DV)
1 || 144IU || (6% DV)

6- Melon: 100gr || 3382IU || (68% DV)

7. Peas: 100 gr || 2100IU || (42% DV)

8. Egg: 1 large egg || 269IU || (5% DV)

9. Tomatoes: 100 gr || 833IU || (17% DV)

10. Red Pepper: 100 gr || 3131IU || (63% DV)

* IU (international unit) is a unit used to measure the amount of chemical substances.
** The numbers in parentheses indicate how much of your vitamine need is met. For example, 100 grams of carrot meets 334% of daily vitamins need, more than 3 times daily requirement.

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