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How To Make Vanilla Extract Without Alcohol

The homemade vanilla essence is an additive 10 to add to your sweet elaborations, such as biscuits, rose-cots, biscuits and other similar things. Also, here we will see one that does not carry alcohol, which will make it have a lighter color (usually carries rum) and very fast and easy to make. Of course, we must say that the longer we leave it liquid, the more it will be. Another advantage that has with respect to the commercial, is that the ingredients will be 100% ours. That is, it will not carry any kind of extra additive or preservative. And another advantage (more) is that we will get much cheaper. Although vanilla is expensive, it is not so much to buy the essence directly in the market. I think we have several compelling reasons to prepare our  homemade vanilla essence fast without alcohol.Italian Seafood Pizza recipe is very famous in Spain.

Ingredients For About 200 ml Of Homemade Vanilla Essence:

Two whole vanilla boughs

100 ml of water

75 g of sugar

How To Make Homemade Vanilla Essence Without Alcohol:

1.First, in a saucepan we put the sugar, on very soft fire and we caramelize it little by little and constantly stirring it. It will have a brownish color and will melt. It is important not to stop stirring and to make it to very soft fire or if not far from caramelize, will burn

2. When it is undone and has taken a color to candy  add the water and raise the fire. The sugar will crystallize and solidify, but do not worry. We continue stirring and you will see that when the water begins to warm, the sugar will go away again slowly undoing and dissolving in the water.

3.When the sugar has dissolved, we extinguish the fire and add the branches of the open vanilla in half. We cover it and let it cool and infuse at least an hour

4. When it has cooled, it will only be put in a boat. With vanilla included. It is best to have the pot pre-sterilized by putting it in boiling water for about 10 minutes. That way will last us months. If we do not, the homemade vanilla essence will last only a few weeks, because it will come out moldy. Which is also good, if you know that you will spend it in a short time.

And with this, we will have ready our essence of homemade vanilla fast and without alcohol . It can be used from the moment you put it in the jar, although obviously, if you let it macerate for a few days in a cool place and in low light, it will be even more tasty.

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