Uses Of Salt In Our Daily Life

Uses Of Salt In Our Daily Life

To all of us it has happened some time that, we have a little hand with the Uses Of Salt. We are making a recipe and, it becomes totally inedible. It looks like sea water. When this happens, do not throw your stew. Take a deep breath and think that everything has a solution. Here I teach you how to lower salt of a stew.

Uses Of Salt

And in this case, the solution is very easy. When those dishes whose main ingredient is water, such as stews, broths, soups …. All we have to do to reduce the amount of salt is the following:

We take a potato or two, depending on how salty we have left, peel them, break them into 4 or 5 pieces and add them in our stew. After this, we return everything to the fire and leave it for a half hour on moderate fire. We can even remove the viandras, so that they do not overcook, and let boil only the water of the stew and the potatoes. After this time, the potato will be soft and will have absorbed much of the salt. We would only have to withdraw it.

The potato will be very salty, but we should not throw it away. In cooking, throwing food is almost sacrilegious. We could grind it with a fork and add milk and butter to make a puree. But yes, by now you will have learned the lesson so, do not add more salt. Now, you know how to lower salt of a stew.How to reheat pizza in a pan its not a tricky question because all of us know how to reheat pizza we can reheat pizza in oven too but its not good for health so we have to reheat pizza in pan instead of oven.

Uses Of Salt In Our Daily Life Uses Of Salt In Our Daily Life Uses Of Salt In Our Daily Life

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