Underarm Itch

Underarm Itch Causes And Treatments

Our today topic is underarm itch.We will talk about underarm itch.What are the causes of underarm itch.Underarm itch is a common problem. The type that lives in the axillary region of the pruritus, the name ‘pruritus’ in the medical language, depends on several reasons. In general, redness, pain, swelling and rash can be seen under the seat with itching.You can also read metallic taste in the mouth.

Although it may relieve you temporarily, it may cause you to have an infection through the irritated skin. The best way to prevent infection is to leave the device and see the doctor as soon as possible. You should not neglect to see a doctor if your underarm headache continues for over two weeks.Underarm Itch

Causes of Under-the-Seat Itch
Itching stress under the seat can be caused by uneasiness, or it can also be caused by excessive annoyances that we can not overcome the problems we face in our daily lives.

Underarm pruritus can not be relieved in some cases except for medical treatment. That’s why we need to determine the exact factor that causes the axillary itch. This itching can also be caused by allergy, infection, rash, and other skin diseases.

Underarm Itch Causes And Treatments

1) Not to be Hygienic Our
underarm segment is very suitable for bacterial growth due to pollution and sweating. In fact, one of the most common causes of this itch is that we do not keep our underarm segment hygienic. One of the most common situations in people who do not take care of personal hygiene is the underarm itch.

2) Candida Fungal Infection
Armpit mantis can cause itching under the seat . Candida mushrooms are known for their shelter in the human body. However, it is also known that when the immune system weakens, this mushroom variety grows extensively in the sweaty parts of our body. Fungal infections can occur in the groin, under the armpit, or in the mouth.

3) Excessive sweating, which is caused by excessive activity of underarm sweat glands that do not
originate from a particular cause, will also cause itching. In addition, excessive sweating, which is also apparent through your clothing, may be uncomfortable.

4) Miliaria Rubra
This is defined as the formation of reddish small vesicles, which result from the clogging of the gland ducts, resulting in inflammation of the skin surface. These pills cause excessive temperature and humidity, ie sweating.

5) Inverse Psoriasis
Reversal psoriasis wounds usually settle in the folds of the skin around the armpits, groin, chest, belly button and genitals. In this type of psoriasis the wound is red, smooth and bright. Because the places where they are settled are damp, there is usually no skin layer in the form of a typical fish pearl on their skin. The injuries are more harmful due to perspiration and rubbing of the clothes, resulting in more pain. Obesity is especially common in patients and causes more complaints.Underarm Itch

Underarm Itch Causes And Treatments

6) Skin Inflammation
This is one of the most common allergic diseases. The skin is the result of a substance that the patient is overly sensitive. Skin inflammation (dermatitis) starts with deep frying and itching of the indicia; afterwards bulges, cracks, crusts and spills come to the fore. These indications can cover the entire body as well as the body.

7) Deodorants and antiperspirants
Sometimes chemical substances, plant oils, cosmetic products, odor control lotions, garments, clothes paints can also cause itching under the seat.

Underarm Arthritis Treatment
Significant treatment methods of the armpit include hygiene and care to be more hygienic. However, in non-hygienic situations it is best to see a doctor. It is also advisable to avoid excessive heat and humidity and to choose cotton clothing to prevent excessive sweating under the armpit.

Especially if there is some itching in the face of some deodorant and cosmetic products, you should avoid using them. Definitive diagnosis and diagnosis is important in determining the treatment method.

Underarm Itch Causes And Treatments

In the case of long-standing, hypoallergenic irritation that is not hygienic, it is beneficial not to see the dermatologist. Some treatment methods for axillary itch caused by different reasons are:Underarm Itch

1) Antibacterial Soaps It
may be useful to use different shower gels with antibacterial soap.

2) Fungicide Cream It is
also a method of using oral medicines or regional creams to cope with Candida mushrooms.

3) Sweating Preventive Lotions
One of the most effective methods of struggling with excessive sweating is to use a gel solution containing 10-25% aluminum chloride w / hydrate’s. However, if symptoms persist, the cream containing 1% hydrocortisone is used for a few days to be administered twice a day.

4) Kalamin Lotion and Hydrocortisone Cream In
case of itching caused by psoriasis, hydro-cortisone cream or lotion is recommended.
If sublingual sweating is caused by allergies, the allergic reaction product is worn away.Underarm Itch
Those with more natural content instead of antiperspirant or other deodorants are preferred.

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