Top Paint Color Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2019

Buying a house of their dreams and decorating it according to the latest styles is a dream of many people. But many of us have no idea where to start and how to choose the perfect interior décor. No matter which type of housing you have invested in, you should start decorating it according to your personality by starting with walls.

When you paint your walls right, you will get a good head start and be able to go on from there. If you are a newcomer in the interior decor world and you have no idea about what color to paint your walls or get them painted by experts like New Castle Painting BC, you should read about top paint color trends to keep an eye on 2019 mentioned right here and then decide.

Ø  Lovely Lilac Grey

The addition of lilac to grey color is a smart one because it will make your home feel warm and welcoming. It is a color option for people who like simplicity and whose idea of style is not something bright but something subtler.

Ø  Hazelnut is a Hot Trend

You must consider this color if you want the light to bounce off the walls and make a space look brighter and larger than it actually is. If you want to experiment a bit, you can add different shades of hazelnut to different walls and have an unusual effect.

Ø  Perfect Pastels

If you want your home to be your haven, a place where you can relax your mind and let go of all the stresses in life then you should invest in pastel paints. Pastels work best in common areas like kitchens and bathrooms because they can hide the signs of daily wear and tears easily. Muted pastels are a better option than the old ones because the bold colors will eventually bore you.

Ø  Go Green

People who like nature and are a fan of greenery can go for either muted or moody deep green color that’s in vogue now. This color last made its appearance in the interior design arena in the 1990s and was a hit even then. Hunter and bottle green are two paint color ideas that won’t fail to impress in 2019.

Ø  Connect with the Earth

If you are among those people who like traveling and staying connected to the earth, soft clay colors are meant for you. They are a great option for people with an earthy spirit who are bored of brown and beiges. Burnt orange and terra cotta are two options worth consideration.

Ø  Be Blue

Those of you who want to experiment with colors a bit and add a brightness to the rooms can go for ice blue, gray-blue or charcoal blue shades in 2019. These colors are not usual and are stylish enough to catch the eye at least once.

After you are done with the painting and your home looks stylish, you can up the style quotient by choosing a few from bestselling furniture pieces.

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