Tired of housekeeping?

Tired Of Housekeeping? Let These Household Robots Do The Work For You

Do you sometimes feel lazy? Technology is there to remind us that sometimes it feels good to let revolutionary devices and gadgets do all the work. And in terms of technological progress, domestic robots are essential! Some are useful and relevant, while others are rather absurd or downright creepy …Greenville NC is famous for property management.With the help of this you can easily find the best home on rent for you and your family.

Even if these robots do not have the typical appearance of an android, the fact that they can accomplish tasks that put us off makes their concept very interesting! Robot vacuum cleaners are not mentioned, because you already know these.

Here are 7 devices designed to do household chores that don’t tempt you!

1. The robot that cleans the bowls

Tired of housekeeping?

The sellers of this robot assure us that with its telescopic arm, it is ready to make any bowl impeccable – even dazzling! All those hard to reach places and corners of the bowl that make us wince? Well, Mr. Robot does it! Apparently, he is designed to be our humble servant to clean three toilets once a week for three years.

2. The window cleaning robot

Tired of housekeeping?

Windows, mirrors or any glass surface: in short, you see the concept. This robot would be so intelligent that it would manage to avoid obstacles, for example window frames. Its firm suction system allows it to save its life by pushing it to stick to the windows, without the risk of falling!

3. Self-cleaning litter

Tired of housekeeping?

Twink has a finicky muzzle and refuses to enter his litter box when you haven’t had time to go behind him? No problem: this automatic and self-cleaning litter comes to your rescue. It would be perfect for a house with several cats and would save 50% of litter. For its staggering price , we hope it’s true!

4. The barbecue cleaner robot

Tired of housekeeping?

Ah, have a good barbecue! The smell of grilling food, the sweet feeling of the sun on our face … Cooking on the barbecue is pleasant, no doubt about it. What is less pleasant is cleaning the grid afterwards! Never mind, there is a robot for that! To free you from this tedious task, the Grill bot promises automatic and effortless cleaning!

5. The independent bin

Tired of housekeeping?

The word “waste” is often accompanied by a compulsive need to wash your hands … and with good reason! This is not the case with this revolutionary bin, called “hands free”. The built-in sensor senses the movement of your hand and the bin lid opens and closes by itself. As a bonus: once the bag is full, this trash-robot takes care of closing and tying it, then it advises you that you must remove it. A new bag then takes its place.

6. The wardrobe that folds your clothes

Tired of housekeeping?

This revolutionary invention, which would have enabled you to never see your wash the same way again, came very close to being marketed in 2019.

However, the project would have since been abandoned (perhaps because its sale price was set at $ 16,000?!) … But, for fun, know that this cabinet would have been able to wash, dry, iron, sort, fold and put away your clothes!

7. The traveling robot fridge

Tired of housekeeping?


Little look at the future, in closing. Presented for the first time in 2017, this traveling robot fridge from Panasonic could possibly be launched on the market by 2023. Its objective: to reach its “master”, no matter where it is in home, using voice commands, to deliver a cool bottle of sake!

Obviously, you could store something other than bottles of sake there, but its creators had in mind to offer a 100% sake experience since the fridge in question will be able to indicate what to eat with the drink.

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