Thrush Treatment

Causes and Treatment of Thrush

Thrush treatment and causes is our today topic.We will discuss causes and treatment of thrush.Thrush is more common in the mouth and the end result is the accumulation of mushroom species called “Candida albicans” on the tongue. This type of fungus normally lives in the mouth in small amounts, but is under the control of the immune system. When the fungus overcomes the ability to control the body, it causes infection in the mouth.

Thrush is common in infants and newborns. White lesions and small bumps on the inside face of the cheek and on the underside are characteristics of the cotton pine.

Causes of Thrush
Weakness of the Immune System It is seen that when
thrush and other Candida infections are weakened by an immune system disease or drug, or when antibiotics weaken the resistance of your body to microorganisms.

Thrush Treatment And Causes

Normally, the body’s immune system is in a state of war against harmful organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi, and the immune system distinguishes well the difference between good and bad organisms. However, some diseases weaken this protective mechanism and open the doors to many diseases, and thrush is one of these disorders. Some of these diseases are:

If you have untreated diabetes or the disease is not controlled, your spit contains a high amount of sugar. In this case Candida fungi multiply rapidly in the mouth using this sugar and cause the cotton cane.

HIV / AIDS makes
HIV resistant to body infections by damaging or destroying the cells of the virus and immune system that cause AIDS. Constantly repeated canker sores are the first sign of HIV infection.

Cancer patients are very weak due to immune system diseases and treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Both these diseases and treatments increase Candida infections like canker sores.

Vaginal Yeast Infections
Vaginal yeast infections also occur due to the same fungus that causes the cotton bud. Although a yeast infection is not dangerous, pregnant mushrooms can pass to the baby at birth and can be seen in the newborn baby.

Thrush Treatment And Causes

Other risk factors that trigger the canker are:

Anemia (anemia)
Antibiotics and Corticosteroids
Cancer drugs
Oral dryness diseases
Organ transplant
Pomukchu Symptoms
Thrush Symptoms
There may not be any symptoms in the first phase of the pamukçu. But as Candida fungi grow in the mouth, the following symptoms may appear:

White lesions on the skin, in the cheeks, in the teeth, in the palate and in the tonsils (tissue disorders)
Creamy, slippery and white substance on the lesions
A slight bleeding when the lesions are tight
Light mouth sores in areas where lesions are present
Dry and cracked skin at the corners of your mouth
Difficulties in swallowing when the lesions are close to the food pipe
In addition, infants may have nutritional difficulties and moodiness. Infants who are fed with mother’s milk can pass the infection to their mothers. Mothers and babies can get into an infectious cycle.

Thrush Treatment
Thrombosis treatment is to stop the proliferation of the intended fungi, but the best approach depends on the age, general health and cause of the infection.

1. Babies and Breathing Pipes

Both mouthwash babies and breastfeeding mothers should be treated together. Otherwise, mutual infectious disease will occur between the mother and the infant.

Your doctor can write mild antifungal medications for the mother and the baby.

– If your baby is using a pacifier or bottle, rinse the bottle’s nipple head and pacifier daily with a 50% solution of vinegar and water and dry thoroughly to prevent growth of the mushrooms.

For More Information: Cotton in Infants

Thrush Treatment And Causes

2. Healthy Adults and Children

Adults and children who are healthy but have thrush can try the following.

Eat uncooked yoghurt
Taking acidic tablets or liquids
Yoghurt and acidic substances do not kill fungi, but they help restore normal bacterial flora in the body. If your infection is resistant, antifungal medicines can be written by your doctor.

3. Weak Adults with Immune System

Fungicides are usually recommended by your doctor. These medicaments can be in various forms such as lozenge, tablet or liquid. Some antifungal medications can lead to damage to the liver. For this reason, your doctor may want blood tests to monitor your liver function, especially if you are taking long-term treatment or if you have liver disease.

Thrush Treatment And Causes

The following recommendations can be applied when thrush is seen:

-Make your hygienic care: Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day. Change your toothbrush frequently until the infection is over. Electric hand brushes can make it easier to brush your teeth if you do not have the skills. Avoid garbage or spray. They can change the normal fauna in the mouth. Do not share your toothbrush with others.

– Rinse your mouth with hot salt water: Half a teaspoon salt is dissolved in a glass of hot water. Rinse your mouth with this solution, but do not swallow.

– Suitable pads for wives can be used: If you are a mother who suckles your baby, you can use suitable pads to prevent fungal infections from spreading and spreading. These pads significantly inhibit the development of Candida mushrooms.

How is thrush prevented?
The following measures help reduce the risk of Candida infections.

Shake Your Mouth

With a corticosteroid inhibitor, rinse your mouth with water continuously or brush your teeth after taking your medicine.

Consume Fresh Cultured Yogurt

There are beneficial bacteria in yoghurt that are good at cotton. If you use antibiotics, take acidic capsules.

Thrush Treatment And Causes

Regularly to Your Dentist

Especially if you have diabetes and use dentures, ask your dentist how often you will look. Brush your teeth regularly and use dental floss to follow your dentist’s recommendation. If you use dentures, clean it every evening.

Pay Attention to Your Yews

Limit the use of sugar and food containing fungi. These foods accelerate the growth of Candida.


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