Throat Pain Causes

Throat Pain Causes And Treatment

Our today topic is throat pain causes treatments and symptoms of throat pain.The throat installation often occurs in the summer and winter months when the weather is too dry . Burning in the throat can cause itching and pain. Therefore, spoiled, salty, and very fatty foods should be avoided during throat problems.

Causes of the Throat Pain
1) Dry Air The
winter months cause the moisture content of the air to be reduced considerably, causing dry and cold air to breathe while breathing, which causes the throat to dry and itch. But this is not seen only in winter. In any season indoor air conditioning can cause throat to dry out.

2) Allergens
There are many types of allergens that cause throat instability. Cleaning materials are the most common allergen varieties causing sawdust, pollen, animal feather throat.

Throat Pain Causes Treatment And Symptoms

3) Dehydration of the body (Dehydration)
Liquid inactivity in the body causes the throat to dry out, especially in the winter months. Therefore, in order to avoid dehydration, plenty of liquid must be removed and salted foods should be avoided.

4) Smoking
Smoking or using any of the tobacco and narcotics causes the throat to dry. The components of these substances cause liquid to be expelled from the body. In particular, marijuana causes the throat to dry and itch.

5) Botulism
Botulism is a kind of food poisoning caused by a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. The toxins of this bacterium block respiratory and musculoskeletal (muscle and skeletal) paralysis by blocking neural functions. Symptoms of throat and mouth instability begin to appear 12 to 36 hours after the infection is overcome . Persons who think they have been exposed to such food poisoning should receive immediate medical attention.

6) Sjogren’s Syndrome
Sjogren’s syndrome is a systemic autoimmune disease that destroys the external glands that produce tears and saliva. As the production of saliva decreases (in some cases, it stops completely), dryness occurs in the mouth and in the throat.

Throat Pain Causes Treatment And Symptoms

7) Throat Cancer Throat
and tonsil cancer cells in the proliferation of the throat cancer is called. The throat is also a symptom of this kind of cancer.

8) Infection
Streptococcus bacteria cause infection in the throat. This infection is infectious and spreads through the nasal discharge, saliva, coughing, sneezing, and touch.

9) Alcohol
Alcohol absorbs all the nose in tissues in the throat, causing it to dry and scratch the throat. For this reason, those who consume alcohol should take some water with alcohol to soften the throat.

10) Tonsillar Problems
Tonsils infections prevent tumors from reaching tumors, cancers, abscesses or chronic tonsils.

11) Other Health Problems The
throat can also arise from diseases such as herpes, laryngitis (laryngitis), chronic cough, reflux, streptococcal sore throat, salivary gland cancer. In addition to this, throat can also be caused by pressure on the vocal chords, from high fever, vomit, mononucleosis, diabetes and parkins or from extremely spicy and fatty foods.

Throat Foundation Treatment
As you can see, the throat community has many reasons. For this reason, the primary goal in the treatment of the throat community should be to identify the problem causing the illness and, if necessary, to treat the disease. There are also a number of therapeutic treatments, depending on the cause of the throat establishment.

Throat Pain Causes Treatment And Symptoms

1) Using
an Air Humidifier The best solution is to humidify the air when the humidity level drops to low levels in a closed environment. Many people use moisturizers in bedrooms to prevent throat drying during the night. Moisturizers keep the moisture level of the room at desired levels, preventing the mouth and throat from drying out.

2) Preventing Fluid Loss in the Body It
is very important to consume plenty of fluids to prevent the throat. Water hydrates the airways and makes them lubricate. Sufficient water consumption (at least 8 glasses per day) is very important.

3) Salty Water Gargle
mouthwash This method is a common treatment used for a long time. Gargling with warm salty water is important to prevent the build-up and destruction of the throat. Gargle can also be made by adding a cup of water instead of salt, a meal spoon of apple cucumber. Both methods help to dry bacteria in the throat and kill bacteria that cause itching.

4) Honey and Lemon Drinks
Another treatment for drying, itching and cough in the Bosphorus will be to drink honey and lemon juice prepared with warm water easily at home. You can prepare this mixture by putting a spoonful of honey and lemon in a glass of water. You consume this drink 2 times a day to get the throat foundation.

Throat Pain Causes Treatment And Symptoms

5) Breathing Techniques
Especially those who breathe in the mouth during sleep are always at risk of throat drying. This is due to the loss of the respiratory tract nausea during breathing and delivery. These persons should consult a specialist for information on breathing techniques.

6) Drug Therapy If
throat is caused by cough, sore throat, allergy or bacterial infection, cough suppressant, antibiotics or allergy medicines can be treated by removing the problem caused by throat. In order to use appropriate medicines in this regard, the doctor should be consulted.

7) Throat Pastilles and Tea Varieties
Throat pastilles increase the production of saliva and remove the throat from the center. Besides, hot drinks such as tea are also useful for the throat establishment. Chamomile tea, meyan kökü tea, island tea and eucalyptus tea are good for the throat establishment

In addition to these, it is necessary to pay attention to the below to treat the throat foundation.

Stay away from the allergies that you know are causing the throat.
Do not smoke. Avoid excessive spice use with alcohol, tobacco, and its derivatives that cause throat.
Do not talk too much. Rest your voice your throat muscles.
People who take salivary glands may also get throat constipation. Symptoms of throat can also occur in cancer treatments such as nerve damage and chemotherapy. In such cases, the doctor should always be consulted. If you are using muscle relaxants or sedatives, doctors may change these medications or adjust their doses to prevent the throat.
If the throat infection caused by high fever lasts more than 1 week, it may be more serious, so you should see the doctor immediately.


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