Throat And Ear Pain

Throat And Ear Pain Causes And Treatment

Our today topic is throat and ear pain.We will share the causes and treatments of throat and ear pain.Ear and throat pain can occur together.Throat And Ear PainWhat are the main cause of throat and ear pain? An inflammation in the throat often affects the ear, as there is a connection between the ear and the throat, called the trachea.

There may be cases of infection of the ear and throat due to such factors as allergy, inflammation or infectious factors, swelling in the nappies and air pollution.

Throat And Ear Pain Causes And Treatment

Causes of Throat and Ear Pain
Many diseases cause sore throat and ear pain. Sore throat can be mild, moderate or severe. While a slight discomfort is felt in the throat at a slight degree, severe pain affects vital activities such as swallowing and breathing. Throat And Ear PainEarache is usually due to infections in the middle, inner or outer ear. These infections can be one or all. Depending on the degree of infection, the pain can be mild, moderate or severe.

Acute sinusitis is a
inflammation of the nostril and may last up to 8 weeks. If it lasts longer than 8 weeks, it is a sinusitis called chronic sinusitis (generally different symptoms are observed). The most common causes of acute sinusitis are colds caused by allergies or bacterial agents. The most common symptoms of acute sinusitis are; severe headache, tiredness, sore throat and earache, fullness in the ear and burp. Therapy; nasal decongestant, corticosteroid, saline (saline) nasal spray and analgesic (pain reliever).

Tonsillitis Inflammation
Tonsillitis is often caused by bacteria or viruses (but can also be caused by fungi, depending on the immunity of the individual). Throat And Ear PainPriority statement; earache, sore throat, fever and difficulty in swallowing.

It can usually be treated with rest, liquid antibiotics, mouthwash. However, if no improvement is observed, the use of systemic antibiotics (solid antibiotics) is recommended.

Ear Infection
Ear infection; ear ache, loss of balance, fever, headache, infected fluid discharge, hearing impairment and loss of appetite.

Hot water can be treated with bags, painkillers, ear drops and antibiotics. Throat And Ear PainChildren should be followed up continuously if ear infections are present.

Colds or Influenza
Sore throat and ear aches in the spring or winter are commonly observed conditions. In the vast majority of cases, symptoms occur within a few days (especially during virus-infected infections).

Home-made treatments are useful to further shorten the process. Honey and lemon hot tea, orange juice, hot pepper and chicken broth can be used for soup treatment. Use of antibiotics in difficult cases of treatment may be useful to prevent a second infection.

Throat And Ear Pain Causes And Treatment

Spring is
the allergic reaction to the tobacco, to the pollen or to the pets. Symptoms are similar to colds. Nasal discharge, sneezing and sinus pressure.

The best treatment is to avoid allergies. Your doctor may also give corticosteroids, antihistamines, decongestants, leukotriene modifiers, nasal ipratropium medications.

Laryngeal Cancer
Throat cancer causes permanent pain in the throat, persistent coughing, loss of voice / strength, inability to breathe, and swelling in the neck.

Depending on the stage of cancer, surgery is treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The prognosis (the outcome of the disease) varies according to the methods used and the level of cancer.

Other Causes
Other causes can be listed as follows:

Dental inflammation
Eating too hot or too cold food
Inflammation of the small intestine causing sore throat
Too much use of voicemail (especially teachers, speakers and singers)
Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption cause throat irritation

Ear and Throat Pain Treatment
The treatment begins with finding the underlying cause. Apart from that, you can try some natural treatment methods. The following methods are known for their positive results.

Garlic has been used as a medicine since ancient times due to its antiviral (antiviral inhibiting) and antifungal (antifungal) contents.Throat And Ear Pain Two garlic cloves are recommended for sore throat. It can be taken with soup or any other drink. For earache, half a tooth is mixed with hot garlic and sesame oil, then this mixture can be dropped into each ear at 10 minute intervals.

Massage is one of the natural methods that are effective in the treatment of ear and throat pain. 1 teaspoon olive oil can be used along with sandalwood or thyme oil. After massage with this oil in the neck region, the neck is closed with a towel or a scarf. For the ears, massage should be done around the head with a towel soaked in hot water.Throat And Ear Pain

Gargle helps to get rid of ear and throat pain. The Hot Salt Garbage provides early relief from symptoms every 30 minutes. Albanian pepper gargling is also effective. There are virus-blocking substances in it. 5 cups of hot water and 1 cup of cayenne pepper should be added. For best results, a gargle should be made every 15 minutes. It is also useful to add garlic to a cup of hot water and add 2 cups of apple juice.Throat And Ear Pain

Hot Drinks
Hot water or drinking hot tea with lemon and honey helps to get rid of sore throat.

Ginger is effective as a pain reliever. Ginger tea can also be drunk to prevent sore throat.Throat And Ear Pain

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