Throat Burning Causes

Why is throat burning and how does it go?

Our today topic is throat burning causes.We will talk about throat burning causes and treatment.What are the manin causes of throat burning.Throat burning usually occurs due to reflux and allergies. But other causes can play a role in this question.

Causes of Throat Burn

Reflux The most common cause of the burning of the Bosphorus is reflux . The esophagus is called reflux to eat food in the mouth. These fugitives lead to a burning sensation in the throat. Other indications of the disease; unpleasant and sour taste in the mouth, chest pain, sensitivity to mildew and nausea.Throat Burning Causes

Throat Burning Causes And Treatments

Allergies (especially against airborne particles) cause burns in the chest and throat. Air pollution and some foods can irritate the throat; inflammation, itching, nausea and headache.

Throat dryness
in the throat dryness and irritation can cause a burning sensation. Moisture can dry up in the mouth, nose and throat.

There are mucus-secreting channels in the airways that help to keep the tissues moist and prevent irritation. In the absence of this nourishment, there is a feeling of burning and irritation in the throat.

Eating Pouch Inflammation (Esophagitis)
Eating borrowing inflammation also causes a burning sensation in the throat. The disease also causes discomfort, chest pain and excessive burning. Illness; inflammatory drug use, chemotherapy treatment, surgery, or infection. This condition may also develop as a complication of reflux.

Influenza and
Colds Infectious diseases such as flu and colds can cause symptoms such as pain and fever as well as a burning sensation in the throat. The elderly and children are susceptible to this type of infection.Throat Burning Causes

Exorcist Pipe Drainage
Exclusive channels; behind the nose, between the throat and middle ear. It is the duty of the middle ear to keep the pressure normal and to throw excess liquid from the ear. When you get caught in a cold, the tracheal canal does not over-lyze, the nose or ears become clogged. You may also feel earache, hearing impairment and blockage.

Throat Burning Causes And Treatments

Respiratory infections caused by bacteria or viruses can cause a throat burning sensation. Upper respiratory tract infections; nasal channels, throats and sinuses. Lower respiratory tract infections target the bronchi, respiratory tract and lungs. Tonsillitis, colds, sinusitis, laryngitis, flu, bronchitis and pneumonia cause irritation in the throat. Other indications; sore throat, fever, headache and cough.

How does throat burn?
There can be many reasons for the burning of the throat. The important thing is to make correct diagnosis and to start appropriate treatment. Therefore, if your throat is long, you should consult your doctor.

Some home treatments that are good for burning the throat are as follows:

A spoonful of carbonate is good for burning of stomach and throat caused by Carbonate Acid reflux. The actual name is sodium bicarbonate, a carbonate reflux may be good because the stomach suppresses sickness. Since it has a pH value above 7.0, it normalizes the stomach acid. Thus, the acid on the side of your throat does not cause a burning sensation.

Requirements for mixing:
Half a meal or a spoonful of carbonatesThroat Burning Causes
A glass of drinking water
Put the carbohydrate in the drinking water not exceeding 200 grams and mix well. You can drink the entire mixture and repeat it as necessary, but the use of a half-dose dose within 24 hours should not exceed 7. Do not use this mixture for a week long treatment. Side effects such as swelling and nausea can be seen as the amount of salt in the contents is excessive.

Gargling with warm water added with salt is a suitable home treatment for throat burning. You can also add turmeric powder into the salt water solution.

Throat Burning Causes And Treatments

Alternatively you can gargle with a mixture of carbonated water.

As in the treatment of many diseases, honey is used in the throat burning. The antibacterial properties inherent in honey help to heal rapidly in the throat burn. It pulls the water from the inflamed tissue and helps to dry out and relieve the irritation. You can use a glass of hot water or herbal tea by adding 4-5 teaspoons.

Honey lemon hot water also calms the throat burning.

Vitamin C Vitamin
C will be beneficial in all circumstances regardless of the cause of sore throat. The person who burns the throat should consume food that is a source of vitamin C three times a day so that the immune system is strong and you can fight infection. Tomatoes, strawberries, oranges, squash, mangoes and peppers are foods rich in vitamin C.

Air humidifier
Placement of an air humidifier or steam machine in the patient’s room helps humidify the throat by moisturizing the throat. If there is no humidifier at home, hot water can be placed in a large bowl and placed in front of the radiator or heater.Throat Burning Causes

You can drop a few drops of oil from an oil of your preference to the water in the dehumidifier of the humidifier. Provides soothing effect. Eucalyptus and peppermint oils were found to be more effective than others.

Immune System Supplements You can add
zinc, magnesium, vitamins C and E and immune system-boosting plants such as talus or gold seal to your diet.

Ginger Creek
Ginger tea soothes sore throat. The procedure for preparing ginger tea is simple: We boil the water and wait 4-5 minutes after putting the ginger into a piece of crushed ginger.Throat Burning Causes

Chicken Soup When you have
pain or burning in your throat, eating and swallowing becomes troublesome. In this case, the balls can be soothing and relieving pain. You can have chicken soup to soften your throat with oil.

Throat breathing is an effective treatment. After you put hot water in a large bowl, bend over and cover it with a towel you put on your head. Breath through the mouth and mouth. Alternatively you can have a hot bath.

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