Things To Avoid Before Sleep

7 Things You Should not Do Before You Go to Bed

Our today topic is things to avoid before sleep.The power of a good night’s sleep is debatable. You can see the positive effects of enough rest from all angles. But for some of us a good sleep may not be easy. We hear a lot of advice about what to do about sleep. All right, what do we have to do? Activities that will prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep before you go to bed:

Exercise 1
A very important activity for your exercise health and getting a better quality sleep also helps. But the problem is that before exercising, exercising increases the temperature of the body, making sleeping difficult. It is the right choice of early hours to sweat.

2. Watching TV, Navigating the Internet
Research shows that looking at television and computer gives the body the ability to fall asleep. Who’s the culprit? The bright-emitting screen reduces melatonin secretion, the sleeping hormone. Thus, the body has difficulty going to sleep. So you shut down your television and computers about an hour before you go to bed.

Things To Avoid Before Sleep

3. Getting a Hot Shower
Like exercise, hot showers can also help you to fall asleep. But the problem happens when you take a shower so close to bedtime. The warmth of the body, as a result of which it starts to sweat, can make sleeping difficult. Wait for your body to cool before you go to bed.

4. Too Much Liquid Consumption
Caffeine and alcohol can break a good night’s rest. But consuming too much fluid an hour or two before bedtime can also cause you to wake up to the toilet at night. You should not go to bed, but if you do not want to wake up a half of the night do not take too much liquid.

5. Work
For business or school, you can certainly wait until sabah. Because working by stimulating your body causes a stress that you do not need. If you intend to fall asleep, you probably want the opposite.

Things To Avoid Before Sleep

6. Reading Immersive Stories
Some of us are doing this. You are reading a really interesting story and you are telling yourself: “I will finish that part too”. Then you looked at it, it was 2 at night. Yes, it’s not a good idea to read an interesting book before going to bed.

7. Entering Serious Discussions

You probably heard this saying: “Do not get angry with the bed.” It seems that this word is completely true. The investigations show that if you enter the bed after a discussion or an angry impulse, the effects of these continue until you wake up. So either leave your debts in peace or try to solve them.


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