Importance of Vitamin C

The Importance of Vitamin C In Skin Care

Today we will discuss about importance of vitamin C in skin care.Vitamin C helps to perform many functions in the body. Some of these functions are related to the protection and enhancement of the skin . Vitamin C plays an important role in skin care, because of its antioxidant effect and its role in the production of certain substances necessary for the skin.

The Importance of Vitamin C In Skin Care

Antioxidant Effects
When the oxygen interacts with some molecules, free radicals come into play . Free radicals are made up of atoms with unpaired electrons. When free radicals come into contact with cell membranes or DNA, they cause cell death or abnormal cell function. This type of cellular damage paves the way for the formation of cancer and other diseases. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and binds to free radicals, preventing damage caused by them. This antioxidant property protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation and the harmful effects of sunlight .

Improving Wounds
The body’s vitamin C is used to heal wound tissues. Vitamin C helps the wounds to turn into normal skin tissues. Since the scar tissue functions are insufficient, the skin appears pale. Slowly recovering wounds may indicate lack of vitamin C.

The Importance of Vitamin C In Skin Care

Kolegen Production
Vitamin C helps the body to produce collagen . Collagen is a constructive protein and is involved in the construction of bones, tendons, and ligaments. Collagen types are involved in the production of body tissues, but type 1 collagen and type 3 collagen have the greatest effect on the skin. Type 3 collagen makes young people’s skin soft. As people age, type 1 collagen replaces type 3 collagen.

Reproduction of Vitamin E
Vitamin E also acts as an antioxidant in the human body. Vitamin C can play a role in the reproduction of oxidized vitamin E. Vitamin E has a role in many important functions of the skin. E protects vitamins from harmful effects of ultraviolet rays and heals skin and reduces skin wrinkles.

The Importance of Vitamin C In Skin Care

Blood Root Structure
Since collagen also plays a role in the formation of blood vessels, vitamin C is needed for a healthy vascular system. The capillaries under the skin carry the necessary oxygen and nutrients to help keep the skin healthy. When there is not enough nutrients, the skin begins to dry and harden. Some facial creams contain vitamin C to improve the look of the skin.

Since vitamin C is not stored in the body, you need to consume daily. Vitamin C-rich foods are kiwi, orange, lemon, strawberry, pepper and green leafy vegetables.

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