What is Tendinitis

Tendinitis Symptoms and Treatment

Our today topic is what is tendinitis ?We will share the easy answer of what is tendinitis ?The tendon is a strong, fibrous structure that connects muscles to bones. Tendinitis (inflammation of the tendon) is the condition that is caused by irritation, inflammation and swelling.We will clearly define about what is tendinitis.

An inflamed tendon usually occurs with a sustained exposure to the affected area. A sudden injury also causes tendon inflammation, What is Tendinitis which is more common in people over 40 years of age. Because the tendency of the tendons to withstand pressure decreases.

What is Tendinitis ?

Swelling may occur if tendon pressure is applied with a continuous repetitive motion. Inflammation of the tendon is called ‘tendinitis’, which causes severe pain and sensitivity around the joint.

Although tendinitis can occur in the tendon anywhere in the body, it usually affects tendons on the elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle and heel. We should not mention that some doctors call it ‘a golfer’s elbow, a tennis player’s elbow, a baseball’s shoulder, a runner’s shoulder, a swimmer’s shoulder’.

Tendonitis can be treated with physical therapy, painkillers and rest. Sometimes tendonitis is very severe and can completely tear the tendon. In this case, surgery is necessary for the treatment.

Tendinitis Symptoms
Tendonitis usually causes severe pain in the tissues around the affected joint. Joint durability is lost and swelling and redness in the affected area can be observed.

The symptoms vary depending on where they are seen:

upper part of the arm in case of inflammation of the shoulder cuff muscles and shoulder pain occurs that affects breast. Pain nights become even more unbearable. This is called frozen shoulder .

Outside of the Dirse
If you are suffering from a discomfort called a tennis elbow , you may feel pain on the outside of your elbow. This pain can also extend towards the wrist and forearm.

Inside the bracket
is formed in the interior of the elbow severe pain ‘golfer’s elbow’ may be an indication of disease.

Below the
knee lining Pain below the knee lining is the sign of the ‘runner series’ disease. What is Tendinitis

In the back of the ball,
achilles tendon pain is felt on the back of the ball.

Gonorrhea in
sometimes cause inflammation of the tendon ‘gonorrhea’ might diseases. In cases where the reason is gonorrhea, fever, rash from the bottom, discharge from the penis or vagina can also be observed.

When to apply for a doctor?
In most cases, tendinitis is a condition that can be treated by itself. But if your complaints persist, it affects your daily life and you should apply to your doctor if you are not sleeping at night.

Causes of Tendinitis and Risk Factors
If you have been working on a computer for many years, you are more likely to have tendonitis. This is why it is extremely important to use appropriate techniques when doing the professions or sports that require repeated repetitive movements. Unfavorable techniques and movements can cause tendon inflammation by overloading the tendon.

 What is Tendinitis ?

Risk Factors A
risk factor is simply the number of situations or activities that increase the chances of getting a disease. Below are the main risk factors leading to tendon inflammation.

As we age, tendons lose their flexibility and become wounded and inflamed.

Some Occupations
If you have a job that requires you to repeatedly repeat the same movements (flexion, interesting positions, effort required movements), you have a high risk of developing tendon inflammation.

Sports Sports
such as tennis, basketball, swimming, baseball,  What is Tendinitisbowling and running, which constantly require the same movements, increase the risk of tendon inflammation.

Although not exactly proven, if you have diabetes you should consider the tendonitis risk.

Rheumatoid arthritis
Patients with rheumatoid arthritis are at an increased risk of developing ‘tenosynovitis’ tendonitis. In this disease, inflammation occurs in the zard that surrounds the tendon.

Tendonitis Treatment
The aim of treatment is to relieve inflammation and relieve pain

Relaxation or fixation of affected tendons
This procedure is very useful for treatment. You can use removable support or splints to secure the tendon. Applying hot or cold compresses is also helpful in reducing inflammation.

anti-inflammatory drugs Medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin play a role in reducing pain and inflammation. Steroids can be injected into the tendon’s membrane to control the pain when the doctor feels appropriate.

Use of specific physical therapy methods With
physical therapy, tendons and muscles can be stretched and strengthened, and benefits can be provided. Physical therapy also allows the tendon’s mobility and function to be restored. This also improves and prevents future damage. Shock wave therapy is recommended when there is a calcium deposit around the tendon.

 What is Tendinitis ?

Surgery Surgery
can be considered as an option when the damage is great. Surgery is usually done with the aim of alleviating pain by taking an inflamed tissue.

What should be done to avoid tendon inflammation?
Once you know what a tendon inflammation is, you have to learn how to prevent it. By following certain steps it is possible to reduce the risk of developing this disease. What is Tendinitis For example:

Increase muscle mass and gain weight with regular exercise.
Do not interrupt warm-up movements before exercise.
Reduce or avoid repeated repetitive movements.
As an athlete, work alternately with different movements instead of repetitive movements.
Practice correct standing and sitting techniques while working at the desk.
Acquire appropriate materials when working or doing sports.


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