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Oven  Chicken  Recipe

The stuffed baked Oven Chicken Recipe is a typical Christmas recipe though, you can actually make it at any time of the year. You can also do it with duck or turkey. Although the chicken is cheaper. The filling can also be varied to your liking but here, we will make a mixture of sweet ingredients with other acids. Thus, we will have a sweet and sour mixture that will come “to the hair” to our stuffed baked oven chicken recipe.Asian people love to to cook and eat Orange And Chicken  .Recipes of oats are very easy and these recipes of oats are cheap recipes.

 Oven Chicken Recipe Ingredients

Ingredients for six people:

1 chicken about 2.5 kg

200 g of minced chicken meat

1 peeled apple

A handful of raisins

2 cloves garlic

100 g of pumpkin

100 g of mushrooms

2 boiled eggs


1 lemon

1 glass of wine

Olive oil

salt and pepper

Clove in spice

12 small potatoes

 Filled Oven  Chicken  Recipe

1.- We prepare the filling. In a bowl we put the minced meat, the apple, the cloves of garlic, the pumpkin and the well chopped mushrooms. Add the whole raisins and the boiled egg cut into large pieces. Add a little chopped thyme and mix all the ingredients until we have a homogeneous mixture

2.- Fill the chicken with this mixture. Apply well the mixture so that we get more quantity and so that it does not undo when cut after.

3.- Once well filled, cover with half a lemon. We squeeze the stuffing well with it, so that it is well compacted and well tucked inside the chicken

4.- Put the chicken, face down, in a baking dish. We accompany the chicken with a few small potatoes, to which we have nailed 4 or 5 nails to each one of them

5.- We bathe the chicken and the potatoes with a glass of white wine, the juice of the other half of the lemon, and some olive oil. Then we salpimentamos everything and we sprinkle with thyme

6.- Put in the oven at 180ºC. We let it cook for 30 minutes.

7.- After time, we remove it and we turn the chicken over. Return to the oven and let it finish cooking. Another 30 minutes.

And so easy, we have our stuffed baked chicken . A Christmas recipe that you can prepare throughout the year.


Oven  Chicken  Recipe Oven  Chicken  Recipe Oven  Chicken  Recipe Oven  Chicken  Recipe Oven  Chicken  Recipe

Best Orange And Chicken Recipe

The Orange And Chicken is a typical Asian food. It has nothing to do with the duck baked in the orange, typical French dish. In this case, it is a chicken breasts cooked next to a sauce made with orange juice.Baked Orange Chicken Recipe is now a good recipe and we make this in our home now. It can be accompanied by a white rice, which is going to come “to the hair” to this dish. It is very easy and quick to do, like almost everything I propose in this web. You’ll have it ready in 30 minutes. Or less. To prepare your orange winged chicken you will need:Recipes of oats are very easy and these recipes of oats are cheap recipes.

Orange And Chicken Ingredients

Ingredients for 4 people:

 4 chicken breasts

2 onions

4 oranges

2 tablespoons soya sauce

2  slices of garlic

1 spoon of vinegar

1 spoon of sugar

2 tablespoons cornflour

salt and pepper

olive oil

 RECIPE OF Orange And Chicken

1.- We prepare the sauce. To do this, squeeze the oranges in a bowl. Add soya sauce, garlic slices chopped, vinegar, sugar, cornflour, which will thicken the sauce in the cooking and a little salt and freshly ground black pepper. You can add the chicken here and let it magnate  for an hour or, you can go directly to the next step

2.- In a pan over medium heat, add a splash of oil. When it is hot add the chopped onion very finely. Season and cook for 5 minutes, mix with a wooden spoon

3.- After time, raise the power of the fire and add the chicken breasts, which are already pre-cut into bite size and salty. Mix with the onion and close it for a couple of minutes

4.- This done, we add the sauce that we had prepared at the beginning. Lower the heat of the fire and cook over a low heat, while mixing with the spoon. The sauce will be reduced a little while it is also thickened by colorful. Finally, you can sprinkle with fresh parsley

As I said at the beginning, in less than half an hour, you will have ready this chicken to the orange It is very quick to do and its result is more than acceptable! You can accompany it with a freshly cooked white rice.


Orange And Chicken Orange And Chicken Orange And Chicken Orange And Chicken Orange And Chicken Orange And Chicken


Baked Orange Chicken Recipe

Baked Orange Chicken Recipe . This recipe, is typical of the French. Although it is more typical to make it with duck than with chicken – if you like you can prepare it with duck – here we will do with chicken as it is much more affordable for all pockets. In addition, we will accompany it with a garnish of potatoes that will be made next to the bird and the orange. As a result we will have a very cheap and easy to make main course.We can also make roast chicken oven without using potatoes or some other thing with chicken.  This recipe can also be prepared for Christmas. The ingredients we will need for our Baked Orange Chicken Recipe will be:Recipes of oats are very easy and these recipes of oats are cheap recipes.

Baked Orange Chicken Recipe Ingredients

A chicken

3 Oranges

3 medium potatoes

aromatic herbs


salt and pepper

Baked Orange Chicken Recipe

1.- Put the chicken upside down in a baking dish. Above, we squeezed the juice of an orange. We salpimentamos and we put the aromatic herbs, to your liking. We left an hour

2.- After time, we fill the chicken with another 3/4 of chopped orange. Then we put the cut potato in cubes in the source, surrounding the chicken. On top of the potato we add another 3/4 of orange also chopped and we put everything to the oven, previously heated to 200ºC

3 .- After about half an hour, we take the chicken to the orange from the oven, we turn it on – it will stay face up. That’s why we had put it face-down before. And on top of it we squeezed half of the orange we had left, salpimentamos, we threw more aromatic herbs and finally another trickle of oil. We put it back in the oven and left another 30 minutes. Until it’s golden brown

 Very easy to make this winged orange winged chicken. It can serve as both a Christmas dinner and a normal day meal.


Orange Chicken Recipe Orange Chicken Recipe Orange Chicken Recipe Orange Chicken Recipe Orange Chicken Recipe Orange Chicken Recipe Orange Chicken Recipe Orange Chicken Recipe


Easy Chicken Croquettes Recipe

The Easy Chicken Croquettes Recipe , is the product that categorizes a restaurant. It is said among the cooks that, just by trying one of an establishment we already know in advance if the food of a restaurant will be good or not. Here, we are going to make some delicious and very rich chicken croquettes. In this case, we will make them with the leftovers of a roasted chicken, but it can be done with the leftovers of a broth or  with a breasts chopped in advance. Its origins, like many of the dishes we have today.How To Make Chicken Sandwiches At Home is not a   tricky question now because you can find the best recipes in internet easily and make the best chicken sandwiches for your kids and for your family too.

Easy Chicken Croquettes Recipe :

INGREDIENTS Easy Chicken Croquettes Recipe

Remains of a roasted chicken or with which it has been made broth, or sautéed breasts: About 150-200 g
Half an onion
100g Flour
100g Butter (or olive oil)
700ml of milk
300 ml of Cream
Breadcrumbs and two or three eggs to fry them
Salt, black pepper and any other seasoning you want to add

Easy Chicken Croquettes Recipe

1. The first thing to make our creamy chicken croquettes is to mix in a pot of milk, cream, chicken carcass without meat (which will have reserved finely chopped) and a little roast juice (or chorretín of Broth, if it is what you Have done with the chicken) and put it to heat, ensuring that it never boils.
2. While it is heating the mixture in another high pout, put butter or olive oil, add chopped onion very thin and let soften for at least 10 minutes. Then add the flour (to the mixture of a fat and flour, it is called roux), and at low heat stir for a couple of minutes to remove the raw flavor of the flour.
3. Now, we pour the chicken chopped very fine and then the tablespoon of milk with it cream and it moves vigorously with a rod. Always with gentle heat. When the milk has been integrated into the mixture, we return to throw another ladle. And so on until we have poured all the milk.

4. Let the bechamel cook for 10 minutes, stirring constantly.

5. – Now, we turn off the heat, let the sauce temple and when it has cooled, the cover and let rest in the refrigeratorat least 6 horas.Si is a whole better night.

6. Time to shape our chicken nuggets. We shape them with our hands or with two spoons. Personally I think that, the smaller we make them, the more tasty we will have, but the size is optional. We passed them for beaten egg, breadcrumbs, we finished to give the form with the hands and fry them with abundant oil, to strong fire. And to taste a real delicacy!

And ready! Try to make these croquettes homemade chicken at home, and see how you succeed!


Easy Chicken Croquettes Recipe


Easy Chicken Croquettes Recipe


Easy Chicken Croquettes Recipe


Easy Chicken Croquettes Recipe


Easy Chicken Croquettes Recipe


Easy Chicken Croquettes Recipe


Easy Chicken Croquettes Recipe


Easy Chicken Croquettes Recipe


Easy Chicken Croquettes Recipe


Easy Chicken Croquettes Recipe