Constipation In Infants

Symptoms and Treatment of Constipation in Infants

Our today topic is constipation in infants.We will discuss symptoms and treatments of constipation in infants.Constipation is the disruption of stool movements in the intestine, and constipation in infants is quite common. Constipation causes a decrease in the pain and discharge frequency while going through the feces bowel. Constipation also causes the feces to be harder and darker than normal.

Causes of Infarction in Infants
There are many factors in babies that cause constipation. These:

Feeding with formula (Formula Milk) Feeding
or formula digestion in babies is more difficult than in mother’s because of this reason, constipation frequently occurs in infants fed formula and formula milk. Constipation is rarely seen in babies fed with breast milk.

Constipation In Infants Symptoms And Treatments

Dehydration Obtaining
adequate water and fluid is one of the most important causes of insomnia in infants. Thirst can also result in a disease causing the baby to vomit frequently and diarrhea or as a result of infection or as a result of the baby’s appetite reduction such as cough, cold or throat infection.

Solid Food Use
Some babies may experience constipation if they are switched from using milk to solid food consumption as a basic nutritional method. This is usually due to the fact that the body can not adapt to different and more complex foods.

Diseases or Other Medical Problems
Sometimes babies may develop constipation due to allergies, metabolic irregularities or food poisoning. Constipation can also occur as a symptom of some congenital diseases, such as cystic fibrosis (a disorder of pancreatic fiber deterioration and respiratory failure) and spina bfida (a problem in the development of the spinal cord during embryo development during maternal womb).

Symptoms of constipation in infants
Crying, pain and discomfort in the baby before or during removal of faeces
Hard, dark, dry or bloody stool
Reduced frequency of stool removal (usually less than 3 per week)
Hardening in the abdomen or stomach area
Decreased appetite

Constipation Treatment in Infants
1. Abdominal Massage and Foot Exercise First
apply circular massage to your baby starting from the belly button. You can apply an olive oil or a moisturizing cream to your hand for an easier massage. If your baby enjoys massage or does not feel uncomfortable, frequently do these massages in the abdominal region. Abdominal massages also reduce the baby’s abdominal pain and facilitate digestion.

Turning your baby on his back and turning his legs like a bicycle raises the muscles of the stomach and applies light and beneficial pressure to the intestines.

2. Hot Shower The
warm baby shower constipation accelerates the baby’s bowel movements. For this purpose, make a hot shower by massaging your baby in your abdominal region for 10 minutes.

Constipation In Infants Symptoms And Treatments

3. Organizing
Your Nutrition You should also keep an eye on your baby to get rid of their constipation. Some foods are good for calorie, others for constipation. Vegetables and fruits containing high amounts of fiber provide softening of the feces. Fruit containing sorbitol such as plum and apple prevents the hardening of the feces.

Foods that soften the echidna and are good at being skewed are:

Causing the stiffness of the outbreak The foods that should not be given to babies that trigger constipation and constipation are:

Cooked carrots
White bread

In addition, apple juice and juice can be given to baby twice a day. Especially the plum juice is very useful for constipation because it contains sorbitol, caffeic acid and dihydrophenylisatin.

4. Indian oil
Indian oil is also a very important medication for constipation. Drink a cup of lukewarm water with a few drops of Indian oil to get your solution to your baby 2-3 times a day. This mixture alleviates stomach aches and opens up the obstruction in the intestines.

5. Fennel Tea Fennel
seeds, which are very effective to facilitate digestion, reduce gas formation during constipation in infants. Mix 1 cup of fennel tea with half a liter of water and give it to your baby 2 to 3 times a day.

6. Dry Grape
Put 4-5 raisins (better than red grapes and white grapes) in a glass of water before going to bed at night. The raisins swell up to the Sabah, and when the morning comes up, squeeze the grapes into the water. Give this natural water-grape mixture you have obtained to your baby with a spoon. Natural grape juice is very effective in infants when they are suffering from constipation.

Constipation In Infants Symptoms And Treatments

7. Orange Water Drink your orange juice by
natural ways and drink it to your baby. Use more of it because it is a refreshing effect of orange juice. The orange acts as an accelerator for intestinal motility.

WARNING: Use your natural treatment methods first consulting your doctor. Recommendations in this article do not replace doctor advice.


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