Temporal Arteritis Symptoms

Temporal Arteritis Symptoms and Treatment

Our today topic is temporal arteritis symptoms .We will talk about temporal arteritis symptoms.Temporal Arteritis SymptomsWhat are the symptoms of temporal arteritis?What are the main causes of temporal arteritis?What are the treatments of temporal arteritis?Temporal arteritis is the resultant inflammation of the temporal arteries that are responsible for delivering blood to the brain. Also known as giant cell arteritis.In this case, even if the temporal arteries are mostly affected, the other vessels in the body are also affected. Women are four times more likely to develop this disease than men. It is less common in young people than in people over 60 years old.

What is Temporal Arteritis?
Temporal arthritis is the result of inflammation of vessels in the head and blood vessels in the brain. This inflammation makes it difficult to get oxygen and nutrients to the brain.Temporal arthritis, an immune disease, causes the immune system to attack the body’s cells, resulting in inflammation. Although this disease usually targets vessels close to the eye, it can affect any part of the body. As the brain affects blood pumping, symptoms can affect other parts of the body, including eyes, face and head.Although temporal arteritis is not common, it can invite vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessels) which causes inflammation of blood vessels.Temporal arthritis treatment is possible, but if treatment is not initiated early, it can lead to serious problems that can lead to paralysis and blindness.

Temporal Arteritis Symptoms And Treatments

Temporal Arteritis Symptoms
Indicative indications of temporal arteritis:

Tingling behind or in the head
Sensation of head skin to touch
Similar symptoms to influenza:

Excessive sweating
Fire ascension
Pain intermittent pain during chewingTemporal Arteritis Symptoms
Loss of appetite
Muscle aches
Stiffness and pain in the heels, in the shoulders, in the shoulders
Excessive fatigue and weakness
Vision problems can occur unexpectedly:

Double vision
Blurred vision
Loss of vision in one or both eyes

Bleeding in the teeth
Hearing loss
Joint involvement
Pain in the face area
Temporal arthritis can cause complications if not treated for a long time:

Damage and inflammation of veins in other parts of the body
Vessel dilation, especially in the aorta
Weak eye muscles

Temporal Arteritis Symptoms And Treatments

When Should You Go to a Doctor?
If you are seeing symptoms of temporal arteritis, it’s a good idea to see a doctor as soon as possible. This disease can lead to very serious problems if treatment is not started shortly.Temporal Arteritis Symptoms

Causes of Temporal Arteritis and Risk Factors
This disease has no specific cause. Nevertheless, it is believed that the cause of this disease is aging, since most of the patients are 50 years of age or older.

Risk Factors
The following conditions may increase your risk of having temporal arteritis:

Having a family member in the family with a temporal arteritis
Rheumatic polymyalgia
Be woman
Nevertheless, there is a chance that people in the risk zone never get caught in the disease.

Temporal Arteritis Treatment
There is no treatment for temporal arteritis. Therefore, the primary aim of the treatment is to make irregular blood flow, which is the result of damage to the tissues.Even if there is a risk of getting caught in this disease, treatment should be started without losing time. This is very important because it can lead to serious problems such as aortic enlargement, paralysis and blindness in the future.

Corticosteroid therapy Because of
this, doctors tend to write oral corticosteroid drugs only if they are at risk of getting sick. Aspirin is also recommended for symptoms associated with muscle and skeleton.

Treatment with corticosteroids may cause certain complications. This treatment makes patients more susceptible to high blood pressure, glaucoma, bone erosion, cataracts and muscle weakness. Other side effects of corticosteroid therapy:

Temporal Arteritis Symptoms And Treatments

Weight loss
increase in the amount of sugar (may cause diabetes)
Increased injury due to thinning
slowdown of siteminTemporal Arteritis Symptoms
Therefore, regular check-up during corticosteroid therapy is recommended. This ensures that your body can remove the medication and ensure that no complications have occurred.

Other treatments
Your doctor may suggest that you take the following precautions during treatment:

D vitamine and calcium supplement intake
To quit smoking
Do a weight exercise
Having regular bone density measurementsTemporal Arteritis Symptoms

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