Shoulder Pain

Symptoms And Treatment Of Nerve Palsy In The Shoulder

Our today topic is shoulder pain.We will talk about the main symptoms of shoulder pain.What are the treatments of shoulder pain.Nerve puckering at the shoulder occurs when too much pressure is applied to the tissue around the nerve. Shoulder PainNerve puckers on the shoulder can be caused by bruising or bruising, or damaged bones.There are several different causes that can cause such a hurt. In some cases, the injuries to the bone or cartilaginous tissue may be the cause of the pit on the shoulder, but most often the nerve pincushion on the shoulder is caused by a muscle or connective tissue injury. In most cases, nerve compression on the shoulder with the condition of pressure on the affected area does not lead to permanent damage.

Symptoms of Nerve Jam at the Shoulder
There are a few classic symptoms that can give clues to patients experiencing nerve impairment:

It can cause numbness or loss of feelings due to nervous pressure on the knee.
This may also lead to a ‘stinging and pinning’ tingling across the arm or a feeling that the arm is asleep.
A sharp, burning sensation similar to a burning sensation is observed, spreading from the nerves squeezed area.
If nerve impingement is close to the vertebrae, rapid movements such as sneezing can lead to increased pain, even intentional twitching and weakness.
The indications of nerve impairment usually increase while resting and asleep.
Causes of Nerve Jamming in the Shoulder
There are several different reasons that can lead to nerve puckering in the shoulder.

Symptoms And Treatments Of Shoulder Pain

Incorrect posture
People with obesity problems also increase the risk of nerve impairment when they show impaired posture.Shoulder Pain
Pregnancy. The risk of nervous squeeze of pregnant women increases due to the excessive pressure applied to the nervous and nervous pathways due to the state of bloating due to pregnancy.

Large breasts
Large-breasted women are more likely to suffer nerve impairment due to postural disturbances. Some are more susceptible to situations that increase the risk of genetic nerve compression.

Obesity is also a factor that increases the risk of nerve entrapment. Excessive weight can cause excessive pressure on muscles and nerves, causing nerve compression.

Some health problems
Some health problems can also cause nerve impairment. Rheumatoid arthritis over time can cause nerve compression and damage, increasing the risk of nerve compression. Bone thickening, such as bone osteoarthritis, can result in nerve compression, as the spinal column hardens and narrows the area of ​​the nerve on the shoulder.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Carpal tunnel syndrome,
a common cause of nerve compression, affects more women.

Treatment of Shoulder Neck Joint
If you go to a doctor for nervous breakdown treatment, they will start by investigating your medical history and the activities that drive you to this condition. Shoulder PainSome muscle examinations and exercises can be done to understand the ability to move the arm. In addition, the doctor can perform MR and blood tests to eliminate other conditions that may be present under this condition.

Symptoms And Treatments Of Shoulder Pain

After having a nervous breakdown diagnosis, there are a few exercises that can be done to reduce the pain. These exercises work better when the nerve is tightened by a swollen or damaged muscle.

Jaw extension
Move your chin slowly to the right and to the right. Stay in this position for about 10-15 seconds, then relax and do the same for the left side, repeat it 5 times for each side.

followed by lengthening the jaw, drop your arms to your side down and chin closer to your shoulders, then forward and back translation of the spine. Continue this movement by giving 15-second sets and 30-second intervals.

Bank movement You
can continue the shrug movement with the bank movement. Because of the damage that can be done to your body, you can limit your weight to a broomstick or a bench.Shoulder Pain Lean back and hold the broom handle to shoulder level and push up your arm until it is flat. Repeat this action 15 times and take another 30 seconds.

Medical Treatment
Neuroprotection should also be treated with steroid-free anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen, to reduce swelling around the nerve. If the pain in the nerves is too severe, your doctor can be found in the injection site where the inflammation leads to the pain. In extreme situations where the nerve does not heal for weeks, surgery may be needed to surgically remove the bone outgrowth or to correct the slipped spinal discs that may damage the nerve nearby.Shoulder Pain


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