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Eyelid Swelling Causes And Treatment

Our today topic is swollen eyelid treatments.Swelling of the eyelid occurs when inflammation (inflammation) or excessive fluid (edema) occurs in the connective tissue surrounding the eye . Eye lid swelling can be painful or painless, affecting both the lower and upper lid of the eye.

Swollen Eyelid Treatments And Causes

Eye lid swelling has more than 70 reasons. The most common ones are:

Allergies (the most common)
Eye infection
Eye injuries
Eye irritation (conjunctivitis)
Swelling of the eyelid can be caused by a more serious and eye-threatening health problem. These are orbital cellulitis, Graves’ disease and ocular herpes disease.

Do not forget to visit an ophthalmologist if symptoms persist, change or become worse for a long time.

Swollen Eyelid Treatments And Causes

Causes of eyelid swelling
There are many reasons for ocular swelling. Since some of them may even cause vision loss, you should take this issue seriously.

1) Allergies
Eye allergies are the result of the immune system reacting extensively to foreign substances called allergens. Pollen, dust, animal hair, some eye drops, and contact lens solutions are the most common eye allergies. In some cases, makeup may be a criminal of eye swelling.

The development of eye allergy is like this. A substance comes into contact with the eye. If the body perceives this as an enemy, it will start releasing chemicals against this substance which is sensitive to the eye. Histamine is the most common of these chemicals and causes blood vessels to swell, swell, and cause the eye to redden and water. It shows itself with eye irritation .

2) Eye Fever (Conjunctivitis)
Eye glacier inflammation (inflammation) occurs on the surface of the eye . All types of eye allergic, bacterial or viral pathogens cause eye swelling. Other indications of eye irritation are redness , irritation and prurient in the eye .

Swollen Eyelid Treatments And Causes

3) Arpacik It
manifests itself as a bulging and reddish lump on the edges of the eyelid. The stenosis can be caused by bacterial infection or inflammation in the fibrous gland (inflammation). When this oil-producing gland is obstructed, swelling of the eye occurs. A shoulder can cause the whole eye to swell and is usually painful when touched.

4) Eye infections
Eye infections often cause swelling of the eyes and surrounding tissues. There are many infections caused by viruses or bacteria.

5) Eyelid Fever (Blepharitis) It
occurs with inflammation in the eyelids. The eyelid may be another underlying cause of redness. Hair follicles, eyelids and infections can cause this disease. Other symptoms of eye lid inflammation are burning, itching, irritation and a feeling of foreign substance in the eye.

6) Eye Injuries
Any injury to the eye area and aesthetic surgery (blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery) will cause the resulting wound to inflate and cause eyelid swelling.

Swollen Eyelid Treatments And Causes

7) Use of Contact Lens
Eye infections and eye swelling may occur due to abuse such as wearing dirty lenses or swimming with lenses. Using damaged lenses can also cause eyelid swelling.

8) You should consult your doctor immediately for eye disorders such as orbital cellulitis, Graves’ disease, ocular herpes disease, etc. (such as double vision, blurred vision). These diseases can be treated with early diagnosis. Otherwise, partial loss of vision, even blindness, may occur.

Other factors that can cause swelling in the eye are crying, sleeping or too much sodium (usually salt) consumption.

Treatment of eyelid swelling
The treatment of eyelid swelling affects the underlying cause. You are an ophthalmologist, and you can offer treatments such as eye drops for this.

1) Cold Application
Washing the eye and surrounding area with cold water or compressing with a cold may reduce the swelling. For this you can put ice into a thin towel and keep it on your eye. Take care not to touch the skin.

2) Antihistamine Drugs If
eye swelling is caused by an allergen, antihistamine eye drops or allergy medications taken by mouth will disturb the problem. Your doctor may recommend steroid drip for serious allergic reactions.

Swollen Eyelid Treatments And Causes

3) Antibiotic and Anti-inflammatory Drugs
Antiviral or anti-inflammatory agents will respond well to eye drops or ointments if they are ophthalmic or ocular herpes infections. Antibiotics will also work in case of infection.

4) Eyeball Ovalamayın
Short-term eye swelling at home can be solved by treatment methods. A very important point is that the swollen eye is never rubbed. In this case, the swelling increases further.

5) Remove Lenses
If you also wear contact lenses, you should remove them from the eye until you swell.

6) Keep
your head upright Try to keep your head straight up during the bloat. Lengthening increases blood flow as it accelerates blood flow.

Swollen Eyelid Treatments And Causes

7) Sachet Tea You
can put the hot tea into hot water and put it on your eyes after you have cooled the sachet tea you removed. You can also put potato slices on top of the eyelid and lower the swelling.

Contact the doctor If the swelling in the eye is not disappearing, consult your doctor immediately.

Prevention of eyelid swelling

Test against allergies. If symptoms of swollen eyes and other allergies are constantly evident, you can take an allergy test and learn what you are allergic to. So you can take action against them.
Choose makeup products and other beauty products from those that are hypoallergenic and odorless. So you are protected against a possible allergic reaction.
If you wear contact lenses, you may be able to minimize the risk of infection or damage to the eye by appropriate hygiene techniques.

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