Sweet Potato Ale Recipe

Sweet Potato Ale Recipe

This time we are going to share sweet potato ale recipe.Sweet potato ale recipe is very easy recipe.Any one can make this delicious dish.Sweet potato ale recipe is also a cheap recipe.Oven fried potatoes is a very delicious dish.

Typical recipe from these latitudes

Sweet Potato Ale Recipe Ingredients    


Tender chives



Olive oil

Sherry vinager


Sweet Potato Ale Recipe            

Cook the potatoes in plenty of water for about 30 minutes. (Depending on the size of the potatoes) and also cook an egg.

While the potatoes and the egg are boiled, chop the onion to make it ready and not watch as the potatoes cook.

When the potatoes and the egg have been cooked, the first are cut into generous pieces and the egg is chopped.

Potatoes, egg, chives and chopped parsley are combined.

It is seasoned with a good squirt of olive oil, sherry vinegar and salt.

Finally, we put some melva tacos crowning the dressing and gets into the fridge so that it sits all together.

To be eaten with a glass of chamomile if possible.

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