Sun Allergy Treatment

Types of Sun Allergy and Treatment

Our today topic is sun allergy treatment.You intend to enter the summer with a beautiful body. You are eating healthy, doing sports and equipping your dresser with your dressing dolls.

But instead of a beautiful tanned skin during the summer vacation, one out of six people will be faced with angry rashes. The cause is solar allergy .

Although we like sunbathing, many people react badly to skin sun rays. They even use sun-cream. These people have itchy red patches (hives) on their skin . There are many reasons for rash. The most common of these are:

Sun Allergy Treatment

Exposure to sunlight
To go around the sun while using some medicines or some products, or
Genetic factors
Many people who suffer from solar allergy think they are rash, but many are wrong. It is less common than thought of lacquer and is usually found in infants. The irrigation pools are blocked, and the resulting water rush is redness. Related article: Treatments and Treatments for Malaise in Infants

Sun Allergy Treatment

Sun allergy is the result of the body’s allergy to the sun.

Common types of sun allergies and their treatments are:

Polymorphic Light Elimination (PLE) -induced Solar Allergy
Itchy rash is the most common type of sun allergies. One out of six people who have been exposed to sunlight for some time have this disease.

How does it look?
Small, red, itchy stains or bubbles. It can be scratched and crusted. It usually occurs in the upper part of the chest and back.

Sun Allergy Treatment

It is seen more in women than in men. It occurs during the period from the end of adolescence to the beginning of the 20s. Once you’ve emerged, most people come back every year. People with other skin conditions, such as atopic dermatitis (allergic eczema), increase the risk factor.

PLE is an immune system reaction. When the sunlight comes in contact with the skin, small changes in the skin cells are brought about. The body of people suffering from PLE reacts to these changes and tries to fight them. This creates itchy spots and bubbles.

Sun Allergy Treatment

How is it treated?
Try to use SPF 25 or higher sunscreen. Select those that protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Because some sun creams only protect against UVB rays. But in general, UVA rays are the ones that cause allergic reactions. Titanium-containing sun creams can be practical because they provide full protection against sunlight.

Antihistamine drugs will also help with the advice of your doctor. Because the effects of histamine hormone, which causes the onset of an allergic reaction, will be eliminated with this drug.

Also, try to climb out to the sunshine gradually. Start with a few minutes a day. Increase this time as your body gains resistance to the sun. If your specks are low-level, it may help to get out in the sun in spring. So your skin will get used to the sun’s rays and will react less.

If serious rash occurs, your doctor may write steroids for use in the evening. In more serious cases, your doctor may recommend light therapy. These therapies are controlled and the skin is accustomed to sunlight with little light.

Sun Allergy Treatment

Sun Allergy due to Light Sensitivity Triggered by Drugs
This rash, due to solar allergies, is also common. When using certain medicines, it is seen in people exposed to sunlight.

How does it look?
The itchy red patches are more swollen. It touches all the points of the body in contact with the sun.

Solar allergy, caused by drugs triggered by light sensitivity, occurs when some medicines are taken out of sunlight after ingestion.

It is thought that there are more than 50 drugs thought to be linked to this condition. Some medicines containing yellow wort, some antibiotics, some heart and blood pressure medications.

Patients suffering from this problem react in two ways. Generally, these medicines lower the threshold of sunburn in the body. The other reason is that some substances in the medicines react with the sunlight and show an allergic reaction.

How is it treated?
Leaving the buyer will usually make the symptoms disappear. But you should do this only if the medication is not one of the essential medications for you. If you have any doubts in this regard, talk to your doctor.

Sun Allergy Treatment

Foto Kontakt Solar Alerisi
This reaction is less common than the previous two. Some chemicals, such as body, perfume, soap, come into contact with toilet materials, or after exposure to certain plant leaves and weeds, when exposed to the sun.

How does it look?
The itchy and red rash is in a raised form. It is seen in areas that come into contact with chemicals. In severe cases, large bubbles and hives appear.

When the chemical reacts to sunlight, an allergen occurs. This will disturb the skin and force him to fight.

How is it treated?
Try to figure out what the chemical is and stop using it. Also during this time you should not go out in the sun, take antihistamine drugs, destroy the affected areas and soften the places that are inflated with the lotion.

If you have encountered this problem before, you should not use the soap or perfume of the hotels you have left.

It is very important to figure out what the problem is and what your skin is reacting to. If you think you have an allergic reaction, you should go to a dermatologist and have the necessary allergy tests.

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