Stomach Pain Treatment

Causes and Treatment of Stomach pain

Our today topic is stomach pain treatment and symptoms.Stomach cramps are a feeling of burning in the abdomen, sometimes in the chest area, caused by the return of the stomach acids to the food tube.

What is stomach ache?
The stomach mixes foods, acids and enzymes to start digestion. There are a lot of protective cells that prevent the acid buildup from causing irritation. The food pipe does not have the same protective mechanism. If these stomach acids and digestive fluids go up towards the food pipe, they cause burning and damage. This is called stomach ache.

Stomach Pain Treatment And Symptoms

Stomach Cramps Causes
The stomach acidity is mainly caused by the return of stomach acids to the food pipe. But there are different factors that cause this.

Some Food and Drinks Some foods and drinks we
consume can cause stomach uptake by increasing gastric acid secretion. Some non-prescription medicines can also trigger stomach upset.

Other triggers are:

Carbonated drinks like coke
Acidic liquids (grapefruit, orange, pineapple)
Acidic foods (tomatoes, grapefruit, oranges)

Stomach Pain Treatment And Symptoms

In addition, these factors may cause stomach upset:

Cigarette and High Fat Nutrition
Consumption with cigarette and high fat affects the muscles between the stomach and the food tube, causing it to slacken. As a result, the stomach acids easily return to the food pipe.

Pregnancy also causes stress in the abdominal cavity and causes the stomach acids to rise up in the muscles between the stomach and the food tube.

Obesity also affects the stomach by showing the same effects.

such as scleroderma and sarcoidosis trigger heartburn.

Stomach Involvement Symptoms
A burning sensation in the back of the throat with burning in the chest area or a feeling of tightness in the throat.

If stomach cramping is combined with shortness of breath and spreads to the arms or the neck, dizziness or cold sweating can be seen.

Stomach Pain Treatment And Symptoms

Stomach Exercise Treatment
Stomach cramps can be treated with lifestyle changes and medications (prescription and non-prescription). Rarely, surgical procedures are available for severe and chronic stomach cramping. The methods that are good for stomach cramping are:

Weight Loss and Ideal Weight
Overweight increases the pressure on the stomach to help the acids return to the diet. So, if you have excess weight, you should lose weight to reduce stomach ache.

Leaving the
cigarette Smoking prevents the muscles between the stomach and the food tube from working properly.

Stomach Pain Treatment And Symptoms

Food Control
Avoid foods that trigger the stomach sickness mentioned above. Have a food magazine that offers different alternatives for you to change the food that can make your stomach sick worse.

gum Chewing gum increases saliva secretion. The saliva also helps to clean the collected acids. Cleansing of the stomach reduces or completely eliminates the acidity of the stomach.

Mineral Water
Mineral water is neutralized because it is in a basic structure, contrary to what is believed to be, that is, it is ineffective.

Stomach Pain Treatment And Symptoms

Meyan Koku Stream
Meyan is naturally good for roasting. But be careful not to consume too much, because it has the effect of increasing blood pressure. You can have a glass before meals.

Raising Your Head
While Lying If you have stomach problems while you sleep at night, you can raise your head with a higher pillow.

That Neutralize Gastric Acids Such drugs are called antacids and reduce acidity to provide quick recovery and do not cause any stomach upset in the future without damaging the food intake.

Stomach Pain Treatment And Symptoms

Acid Production Reducing Drugs
These drugs are known by their blocked receptor (H-2 blockers). They are sold with prescription and without prescription. These drugs are longer than the antacids in the elimination of the indications, but they also have a longer duration of effect. They are sold in different doses, both prescription and non-prescription.

that block acid production are also called proton pumps and prevent acid production. They then help to heal the damaged food pipe.

Stomach Cataract Surgery
is an option for the following patients.

Patients in whom intensive drug therapy does not produce enough results in the stomach
Patients who cause wheezing, parasitic breathing, and pharyngitis
Different surgical interventions can be made if reflux causes progression of stomach cramps. In the fundoplasty, a new physiological valve is created and placed around the food tube to replace the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) subculture tube at the stomach entrance.

Stomach Pain Treatment And Symptoms

Stomach Invasion in Pregnancy
During pregnancy, the LES (muscles between the stomach and the food conduit) are weak and this problem ceases to exist after the birth of the baby. Pregnancy also affects the organs in the abdominal cavity and causes an increase in abdominal pressure due to the growing fetus.

Approximately 45% of pregnant women can experience stomach cramps.

However, there are no clear studies on the safety of gastric juice medications that can be used on a growing fetus. For this reason, the only measure to be taken for pregnancies may be to avoid behavior and consumption that would trigger a stomach squeeze in the lifestyle.

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