How To Make Squid Rings

How To Make Squid Rings

How To Make Squid Rings today we will show you.The fried squid rings,are probably, along with the bread crumbed, cover most basic and most served in bars and restaurants in Spain. And also the most successful. And it is not surprising that, that mixture of the squid with that crusty layer on the outside, make it a recipe 10. Its elaboration is very easy and simple, like everything we propose here. You just have to follow a series of well-defined steps.
INGREDIENTS of the squid rings for 4 people:
500 g of squid rings. You can buy already cut and if not, we buy fresh squids, we clean them and we cut ourselves in ring form.
120g of flour
200ml vinegar or similar. We like vinegar more.
Salt and pepper
Olive oil

How To Make Squid Rings

1.- To prepare our squid rings, we mix in a wide bowl the flour and the vinegar, or sour drink that we have chosen. Should be a kind of cream a little thick. The thicker it is, the more dough our rings will be once fried. And therefore, the more liquefied the dough is, the less mass they will have.In the restaurants, I have seen them both ways so, you choose as you prefer.
2.- We put the rings already salted in the mixture, and we make sure that they are well impregnated with her. Then we cover the bowl and put it in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes. The idea is that everything is well cooled so that the dough settles well on the rings.
3.- After this time, we take the rings of squid, we remove the excess of mass that they can have and we put them for about one minute in abundant olive oil, very hot. It is better not to throw many at a time so as not to cool the oil and not leave them more than a minute, so that the squid is at its point. When they are browned on the outside, they will be ready. The squid is cooked very fast. We drain on a grid, to make sure the squid rambles keep their creaking
And our squid rings are ready ! We can eat them as is, with a splash of lemon, sandwiches like they do in Madrid … Whatever the commas, you will enjoy like real! And you will surprise everyone at home with this recipe!Eggs are very good for our health there are so many simple eggs recipes.


How To Make Squid Rings How To Make Squid Rings How To Make Squid Rings How To Make Squid Rings How To Make Squid Rings How To Make Squid Rings

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