Authentic Spanish Soup Recipes

Authentic Spanish Soup Recipes

As a good Spanish soup recipes that I can not miss in my recipe book one of the best gastronomy in the country. Basque gastronomy. The Spanish Soup (purrusalda) , is a typically Basque dish that, in its original recipe, has only leek and potato. Although it is true that there are recipes evolved, I wanted to add here the original version. It is a very nutritious, very healthy, rich and cheap dish where there are. It is also very fast and easy to do. Let’s see how to make a (basque porrusalda) Spanish Soup.

Ingredients For Spanish Soup Recipes For 4 People:

2 big leeks
4 medium potatoes
Salt and black pepper
olive oil

How To Make Spanish Soup (The Basque Gastronomy):

1.- Peel and clean leek and potato. Then cut them into large pieces.
2.- We put a stream of olive oil in a tall casserole. We put it on medium-high heat and we throw the potato and the leek. We cook them here for a minute, stirring constantly.
3 .- We pour water until it covers, about a finger or two above the vegetable.
4.- Bring to a boil and let cook over medium heat for about 20 minutes. Until the Vegetable is soft. We put salt and pepper.
And with these four simple steps, we will have ready our Spanish Soup ( porrusalda Basque ). You can add other vegetables if you want, such as carrot (very typical also throw today). As you can see, it is very easy to do. I hope you like it!Spanish Soup is very easy to cook and this soup is very good for health too.Many people all around the world love chocolates and all children’s love chocolates.There are now many recipes to make good type of chocolate in our own home and enjoy it with our children’s.


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