Does Smoking Cause Wrinkles

Does Smoking Cause Wrinkles?

Does Smoking Cause Wrinkles?Answer is Yeah. If you are looking for another reason to quit smoking, add wrinkles to your list before your time.

Does Smoking Cause Wrinkles

Smoking accelerates the normal aging process of your skin. These skin changes are clearly visible only after 10 years of smoking. The more cigarettes you smoke, the longer you smoke, the more likely you are to experience wrinkles, even if you do not see the effect of cigarette on your skin.

Smoking will not only cause wrinkles in your face. You can also see the effect of cigarette smoking in other parts of your body. Although you can not eliminate the wrinkles in the skin, you can stop smoking now by leaving the cigarette.

How does smoking cause wrinkles? The cigarette nicotine narrows the blood vessels in the upper layers of the skin. With the reduction of blood flow, the skin can not get enough oxygen, vitamins and minerals. More than 4000 cigarettes in the cigarette damage proteins called collagen and elastin, which give strength and elasticity to the skin. As a result, the skin starts to collapse and wrinkle before time.

In addition, face-smearing (such as squeezing your lips, narrowing your eyes) that you are smoking may cause wrinkles.

12 hours after you quit smoking, your skin will be healthier with the carbon monoxide level falling. Three months from now, the blood circulation will come to the level before you start smoking, so you will have a much healthier skin.

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