Sleeping Problems In Adults

Causes and Treatment of Night Gold in Adults

Our today topic is sleeping problems in adults.We will talk about sleeping problems in adults.What are the symptoms of sleeping problems in adults?Sleeping Problems In AdultsWhat are the treatments of sleeping problems in adults?Wetting gold is normal in children, but in adults it may not only be embarrassing, but it may also point to a underlying medical problem. The National Continence Union (NAFC) has reported that about 2% of adults have been undergone a period of their lives for some time in their lives.

Reasons for Soaking Gold in Adults
In adults, soaking the gold at night can cause a hormonal imbalance, involving the hormone known as ADH or the antidiuretic hormone. ADH is responsible for reporting the reduction of urine production while sleeping in your body. So that you can keep a few hours of urination for a few hours. If your body can not produce enough ADH, your urine bag will not hold the high amount of stored urine, and will result in wetting your gold.

Sleeping Problems In Adults

If you begin to soak gold during adulthood, it is important that you are examined by a doctor. In adults, soaking in gold is not common and can be caused by a number of reasons, including obstructive sleep apnea, nerve diseases, prostate enlargement, and even prostate or urinary tract cancer. Other reasons for wetting gold in adults are summarized below.

Can be the main cause of kidnapping in adults.Sleeping Problems In Adults People with this disease can not handle sugar normally produced excessive amounts of urine, which may lead to wetting of gold in adults.

Diyuretik (Diuretic) drugs
are prescribed to treat some heart conditions such as hypertension. They can also cause the production of more urine to be stored in the bladder and may cause wetting of the gold taken at night. Instead, try taking these medications in the daytime.

Alcohol and coffee consumption
of alcohol and coffee also causes excess urine production. So they should be consumed 3 hours earlier than before sleeping.

medications If you are taking sleep medications, you may not be able to wake up when you urinate, which causes adults to soak the gold at night. Talk to your doctor about the dosage of your medicine and whether you should use it.

Urinary Tract Infection
Urinary tract infections, such as urinary tract infections (IHE), can cause adults to soak up gold at night.

Anxiety and Stress
Anxiety and stress can also cause you to soak gold, even after a stressful situation has topped it.

There is also evidence that adults are getting their families from the night when they soak gold.

Sleeping Problems In Adults

Treatment of Night Bottom Soaking in Adults
Although it is embarrassing to speak of soaking gold as an adult,Sleeping Problems In Adults it is important that you consult your doctor or a continence counselor. During your interview, the medical expert will ask you about your bladder routine. So you might want to keep a record of your urine habit a few days before your opinion. Try to keep a record of how much fluid you consume, how often you wonder and how often you wet your gold.

Your doctor may need a urine specimen to test urinary tract infection. Different tests may be required, such as a urine bag (urodynamic) test.

What can you do yourself?
Being an adult wet with gold can be irritating, but the following changes, some of which you can make related to your lifestyle, can help you to stop soaking your gold.

Check your fluid consumption: When trying to control the soaking of gold, the most important point to focus on is to set a limit on the amount of fluid consumed. Reduce fluid consumption or avoid fluid consumption in the last few hours before bedtime. Instead, consume liquids before dinner or dinner. Thus, your body will have the fluid it needs and your urine bag will not hold too much fluid before it goes to sleep.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine : Avoid consuming these types of beverages in the evening,Sleeping Problems In Adults as alcohol and caffeine will irritate your urine bag and cause you to be out of your mind more often. Some people have come to the conclusion that carbonated drinks cause irritation in the urine tract and increase urinary frequency.

Choose carefully: If you are already wet your night gold, consuming alcoholic beverages can make your situation worse. This may be due to the effect of the amount of alcohol or increased fluid in the body. If you prefer to consume alcoholic beverages, try those with less alcohol.

Keep a diary: It may be a good idea to have a urine extraction chart to remind you to empty your urine bag, for example, every 1-2 hours. At the same time, make sure that you are out of bed just before you go to bed to reduce the chance of soaking gold.

Carefully choose your bedding and flooring: To protect your bedding and flooring, try coating them with a waterproof cloth. Sleeping Problems In AdultsThese are much more comfortable than using nylon. Avoid bedding made of nylon material as it is absorbent and may disturb you. In addition, covered linens can be used, made of cotton, easily washed and absorbent, to keep you comfortable in case of an accident. If you are away from home, you can try disposable sick sheets or sheets. They are also available in some hotels.


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