side effects of acupuncture

Side Effects of Acupuncture

Our today topic is side effects of acupuncture.We will talk about side effects of acupuncture.What are the main side effects of acupuncture?side effects of acupunctureAcupuncture is the stimulation of certain points of the body with the help of a needle. It is thought that some medical problems and pain are treated with this medical method of thousands of years. Acupuncture was actually accepted by some modern medical experts as well. But there are some side effects of acupuncture.

Side Effects Of Acupuncture

The 6 common side effects of acupuncture are:

1) Fatigue
You should not worry aboutside effects of acupuncture feeling a little tired, because it just means you need to relax. But many patients feel very tired after completing acupuncture. So much so as to block normal day jobs. If fatigue lasts a few days, you should seek medical help.

2) Pain and Pain
Normally you may feel painside effects of acupuncture and pain in the areas where the needles are inserted. Usually the pain felt in the hands and feet continues around 24 hours and starts to decrease. But in some serious cases, the pain can take a few days to pass.

3) Wounds and Berets
It is not as common as pain. When the needle sinks into the blood, blood is accumulated here. If wounds and berries are seen, it may take some time to heal. He can continue even after three days.

Side Effects Of Acupuncture

4) Muscle Segment
It may occur during or after acupuncture. It occurs at the point where the needle touches the muscle. Rarely, it may occur farther away from the needle.

5) Head rotation
There are two major reasons for head turn. The first is to have acupuncture while the second is to get up immediately from the acupuncture table. In some serious cases, acupuncture can cause fainting. The dizziness usually resolves after a few hours.

6) Further Worsening of the Symptoms

There are also patients who claim that the symptoms are exacerbated after acupuncture has been done. After acupuncture, the patient does not want to be aware of the body. Normally things that do not bother him may start to bother you after acupuncture.


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