How to make the shopping list

How to make the shopping list? And why make it …

How to make the shopping list?

Planning meals helps you eat better and save time and money.

Improvisation is not usually synonymous with healthy eating. Getting home, opening the refrigerator, watching what there is and depending on it to make the meal or dinner, can be risky at times, as there will probably be missing ingredients to make a complete meal. It is considered a complete meal, that consists of a source of farinaceous that contribute carbohydrates of slow absorption (pasta, rice, vegetables, potato, bread …); a source of raw and / or cooked vegetable , which mainly contain vitamins, minerals and fiber; and a source of protein (meat, fish, eggs …).
Often, when the menus are improvised, one of the three elements is missing. For example a meal is made only with a farinaceous and a protein, or only with a vegetable and a protein. This would be incomplete and unbalanced meals.

How to make the shopping list?

To have a good diet you have to plan your meals well. This planning can be done with a few days in advance or even with several weeks. It will depend on the frequency with which the purchase is made. After good meal planning, you need to come up with a list with all the necessary ingredients . Previously, however, you have to check the pantry and the refrigerator to find out what is missing.

Do you trust your memory?

Unless we have an elephant memory, it is important to go shopping with this list, so that we do not forget anything. But also not to buy unnecessary things or to be tempted to put in the basket superfluous foods, excessively calorific and rich in fats and sugars, which are often placed strategically near the supermarket boxes to tempt us while we queue to pay.

If you have a little time, it pays to buy as many fresh produce as possible and run away from packaged and highly processed foods. The latter have a lower nutritional richness and, on the contrary, they contribute more amounts of additives.

To buy well you also have to know how to save things

Once at home you must keep each food where it belongs , so that they can stand in the best possible conditions until the day they are used. The refrigerator lengthens the life of the food, as it preserves its decomposition and contamination, but does not conserve food forever. If you do not plan to use some fresh food such as meat or fish in the next few days, you can freeze them, but neither is the freeze eternal either, and you have to eat the oldest foods and make stock changes. A good method is to set the freezing date on the food, so we will know how long ago they are in the freezer.

You do not have to cook things the same day that you go to eat them

With the planning done, just go cooking what is planned. If you have little time, you can also cook in advance. Planning the menus allows for more varied, balanced and nutritionally rich meals. On the other hand reduces the stress generated by having to think daily what we will do for lunch or dinner, which for many people can be exhausting.

Save time and money

Making meal planning also saves time and money . With a correct planning and a good shopping list we will avoid forgetting anything when we are going to buy, thus saving us having to make several trips to the supermarket. On the other hand, if when we buy we stick to the list, we will save money, because we avoid unnecessary food purchases or fall into the temptation to buy unhealthy and high calorie foods like potato chips, pastries, sweets …

Making food planning of this type takes a little time, but allows you to make the purchase faster, not forget anything, save money and above all eat healthier. And if we want a plan that perfectly adapts to our nutritional needs, that takes into account health and that adapts to our schedules and pace of life, we can always turn to a nutrition professional to make us our nutritional plan personalized.


How to make the shopping list How to make the shopping list


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