Seven tricks to find a hotel online

While organizing a vacation can be almost as exciting for some as enjoying it, for many – sometimes even the most seasoned traveler – the task can be exhausting. The hours lost in front of the screen comparing accommodation and prices and reading opinions do not always guarantee an optimal result.

While the saying that “every teacher has their booklet” is true, any trick that simplifies things is welcome. In this sense, the hotel search engine LBN Hotels has compiled a list of tips to take into account when booking accommodation. Although some of them are obvious, it is worth remembering and taking them into account when preparing our next getaway.

  1. Book at the right time … But what is the best time?

A study carried out by the hotel search engine determines that the best time to formalize an accommodation reservation is one month in advance, regardless of whether the trip is made in summer or winter. However, there are certain nuances depending on the country in question: Spain is the destination that requires the most anticipation (between four and seven weeks), followed by Italy (between three and six), the United Kingdom (between four and five) , Germany (between three and four), and France (between two and five weeks).

  1. Compare the price on reservation websites

Before booking a room, it is essential to compare the price on different websites, to discover which one offers the best rate. And it is that the difference in price of the same hotel can be considerable depending on the portal consulted. Opting for compactors and search engines greatly facilitates the task and saves a lot of time and, of course, money.

  1. Use filters in searches

If you are clear about the characteristics that the accommodation must have, use filters when searching , it will narrow the results and leave out those hotels or other accommodations that do not suit your preferences. In many search engines you can filter by price, stars, user rating, distance from a certain point, and even facilities and services, such as whether it has parking, wifi, swimming pool, breakfast, or is suitable for pets.

  1. Consult the opinions and comments of other travelers

The best way to discover what a hotel is like is by reading the opinions and comments of other clients who have previously stayed. His experience and evaluation will give us a clearer idea of ​​the establishment, the service it offers, its location … You will observe that all this information allows establishing an indicative classification beyond the official category of the establishment.

  1. Check the reservation details

Before taking the final step and formalizing the reservation, check the number of times the conditions of the reservation are necessary: hotel name, category, reservation fee, taxes, price of additional services if desired, arrival and departure dates, address … And it is that many of the usual errors could be avoided if the reservation data were read carefully.

  1. Find practical information

The network has put at your disposal a large amount of practical information and ideas that can be very useful when planning vacations. Travel blogs and magazines are an interesting first-hand source to keep in mind: what to visit, where to sleep, what to eat, what places to avoid, where to buy, what activities are the best or the worst…

  1. And, of course, use apps

Mobile applications have become a great resource for the traveler. With them it is possible to plan and organize trips, since there are all kinds of apps: to book flights, hotels, restaurants, buy tickets, locate places. They are very useful during trips, since they even allow you to find accommodation near your location when you look for it at the last minute…

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