Seafood Rice

Spanish Seafood Rice Dish

The seafood rice dish, an evolved recipe of the rice  that, is of chicken and rabbit. And it is simpler to do. This is because, the soup that is thrown to the rice, is already made and the cooking times are smaller. Of course, you have to follow a few different steps and the result will also be different, having other ingredients. Practically, the only common ingredient they have both, is rice.We can make rice in different ways there are so many recipes of rice we can make mushrooms with rice too.. Let’s see this delicious seafood rice recipe.Recipes of rajma are very easy and these recipes of rajma are very good for our health too.

INGREDIENTS for a seafood rice dish for 4 people:

400g round rice

 500g of seafood: It can be squid, shrimp or fresh prawns, rice scampi, fresh clams, cleaned and cooked mussels … This is depending on the tastes but these, are good.

 2 cloves garlic

 1 tomato

 Fish soup: About 800ml – 1 liter

 A few strands of saffron

 1/2 teaspoon Sweet paprika

 Olive oil


How To Make The Seafood Rice Dish:

1. Put rice, in a wide and small container, we put a good quality of olive oil and cook some squid, shrimp and prawns. Put Salt in it and  has to cook a few minutes so that the seafood is not overcrowded. Until it has taken color. With this, with a skimmer we remove all the seafood, leaving the juices that have released.

2.Now,put chopped garlic. Let stand and let it for about 3 minutes. Eye that cooks right away. At the end, we also put the peeled and grated tomatoes and paprika. Let cook three more minutes.

3.This done, we added the rice. We saute two more mixtures  next to the vegetable

4.It’s time to put the fish  soup. The amount of soup to be put depends a little on the rice. A good way to measure it is, if we know that 400g of rice occupy us two glasses, because we double and “tip”, ie 4 glasses and a half. We also add the saffron strands and rectify the salted water. It has to be a little salad because the rice absorbs a lot of water and salt but without passing or the paella will be inedible

5.Remove a little with a wooden spoon to integrate all the ingredients and place the rice evenly on the rice. We can remove during the first minute of cooking but then it is NOT advisable to continue to do so that the rice does not release its starch. Let cook for about 5 minutes on a rather strong fire. Then we put the fire in half and left another 10 minutes. Finally, we threw all the seafood that we had already cooked and also the one that we had

reserved and lowered the fire to soft. We leave until it finishes cooking, another 5 minutes more. This is quite indicative because depending on the rice can absorb more or less water but, is quite approximate. Finally, it is likely that the rice still need to cooked  but,we served the seafood rice . As a last point, we would like to point out that rice should not exceed two fingers thick so that all rice is properly cooked.

If we like the famous dishes, it is the toast that is underneath the rice, we can throw at the end, when there is still a little water and only has a minute to make rice, a trickle of olive oil on the Seafood rice and put it on high heat for 15-30 seconds.

The seafood rice is probably one of the most famous rice in the world . And rightly so it is because it is so good. Do not pass up the opportunity to do it to your family from time to time!


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