Sausage And Cheese Recipes

Sausage And Cheese Recipes

Today we will tell you sausage and cheese recipes. Actually the recipe is  same as those sausage which anyone eat in hotels, we will see the whole recipe from the beginning. Let’s go first and as always, for the ingredients.Many people love cheese and they use cheese in their many recipes and they love to eat cheese balls.

Ingredients  For 10 Sausage And Cheese Recipes:

 10 sausages any style

100 g of normal wheat flour

100 g of corn flour

1 egg

Approximately 1 glass of milk. The exact amount varies according to the flour used

1 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon of chemical yeast

Frying oil

10 slices of cheese, sandwich style. One for each sausage.

Sausage And Cheese Recipes

1.- With some skewers, we impaled any style sausages. The skewer, should reach almost the end of the sausage but, should not cross completely

2.We take a slice of cheese and with it, we roll the sausage. Slices of sandwich cheese have the advantage that they are similar in size to sausages and that, in addition, is a cheese that is easily undone. Once rolled, we crush it a little with the hands on the sausage, so that it adheres to it and does not fall.

3.- We prepare a tempura. We put in a bowl the wheat flour and the corn flour, the egg, the milk, a teaspoon of salt, the yeast or baking powder and optionally paprika. We hit it well with a rod or fork. It should have a rather liquid texture but with some body. Let it stick a little to the rod or fork but, let it fall right away.

4.- Then, we put this mass in a tall glass or other similar vessel. We put here the sausages, already impaled and with the slice of cheese on it. We mixed them well with the tempura.

5.- Remove the excess dough and fry in plenty of oil. The oil should be hot but not too much or will burn. This tempura is very delicate. Cook them for 15 seconds on each side. After 30 seconds, when they are golden, remove them and place them on absorbent paper, before eating them.

And with these simple steps, we will have some banners of sausage and cheese . In fact, it is as easy to make as those that have no cheese. And it takes the same thing to do them. The extra step of adding cheese, does not take away hardly time. Take advantage!


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